Bay Area earnings | share price climb!A number of companies related to COVID-19 oral drugs have disclosed their research and development progress

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Monday, February 21, 2022 — Macro economy — Guangzhou City’s GDP is expected to reach 70 billion yuan by 2025 Tianhe District of Guangzhou held a press conference on the “14th five-year” industrial development plan (hereinafter referred to as the “plan”) of Guangzhou International Financial District, which proposed that the regional GDP of Guangzhou International Financial District will reach 70 billion yuan by 2025.The financial sector played a prominent role in the core of the economy, with its added value reaching 25 billion yuan, accounting for about one third of GDP.Software and information technology services continued to grow, with revenue exceeding 30 billion yuan.The economic development benefit has been further improved, with 300 new enterprises on the four boards and 8-10 new buildings with tax revenue exceeding 100 million yuan.During the 14th Five-Year Plan period, efforts will be made to promote the construction of 116 major projects, involving a total investment of over 180 billion yuan, to facilitate the effective implementation of the regional planning.The reform of market-oriented allocation of data elements is the exhibition area for the achievements of the first Digital Government Construction Summit of Guangdong Digital Government 2.0.On February 18, Guangdong province held a conference on the management of government affairs service data, which summarized the progress of digital government reform and construction in the past year and focused on the deployment of the work in 2022., deputy secretary-general of guangdong provincial government, provincial government affairs service data administration peng-fei Yang, 2022 is the digital construction of government reform, the key to the full implementation of “difference” planning for a year, guangdong will be to lead on the reform of marketization of data elements configuration, focusing on provincial governance and two focus of government services, accelerate the development of the provincial government digital equalization,To accelerate the transformation from digitalization to digitalization, strengthen coordination with the reform of “delegating power, delegating control and providing services”, provide strong support for the high-quality economic and social development of guangdong, lead the comprehensive digitalization development, and continue to maintain guangdong’s leading position in this field.Focus on 8 aspects of continuous efforts to promote the province’s digital government 2.0 construction of new bureau, new achievements.On February 18, the offshore RMB exchange rate rose sharply against the US dollar, briefly breaching the 6.3200 mark and hitting a four-year high of 6.3144, the highest point since May 2018.According to the latest data from SWIFT, the renminbi remained the world’s fourth largest global payment provider in January, while its share rose to a record high of 3.20 per cent from 2.70 per cent in December.The further increase in the proportion of RMB in global payments is basically consistent with the high prosperity of China’s foreign trade and the continuous inflow of foreign investment attracted by RMB assets.At the beginning of the New Year, the enthusiasm of foreign investors to increase their holdings of renminbi bonds has only increased.The face value of bonds managed by foreign institutions in the Clearing Company increased by 500.71 billion yuan to 3.73 trillion yuan at the end of January 2022, increasing for 38 consecutive months, according to the latest data released by the clearing Company.Of this amount, overseas institutions’ custody of Treasury bonds increased by 65.7 billion yuan to 2.52 trillion yuan.Following ant Group, part of the credit business of xiaomi’s small loan company has also shifted to Xiaomi Consumer Finance.China Business News recently noticed that the “Borrowing with the Star” product service agency provided by The Star Finance APP (formerly Mi Finance) was changed from Chongqing Mi Small Loan Co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as “Mi Small Loan”) to Chongqing Mi Consumer Finance Co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as “Mi Xiaojin”).”With the star borrow” related staff also confirmed to reporters, the change has been effective since January 1 this year, but there is no impact on borrowers.Recently, the Implementation Plan for Yantian District to Build a Global Ocean Central City Core Area (2022-2025) was released, and the Shenzhen Green Shipping Fund, vigorously promoted by the Shenzhen Municipal Transportation Bureau and initiated by the Shenzhen Municipal government, was registered and established in Yantian District, Shenzhen.Shenzhen Green Shipping Fund is a policy industry guidance fund, managed by Shenzhen Municipal Bureau of Transport and operated by Shenzhen Equator Fund Management Co., LTD., with a total scale of 10 billion YUAN and arranged by stages.The fund will be operated and managed in accordance with market principles, and the investment fields mainly include shipping and modern shipping services.The share prices of companies related to COVID-19 oral drugs continue to rise (CDMO company Kelayin has announced a new batch of supply contracts).(Botten shares are up 36 per cent and Kelion 17 per cent since last week.)Since this year, the pharmaceutical industry share price continues to decline, the impact of the pharmaceutical fund, pharmaceutical stocks are also under pressure.However, the share prices of oral drug companies related to COVID-19 have continued to rise recently due to the continuous news of new oral drugs, especially on February 11, when the State Food and Drug Administration conditionally approved the import registration of Pfizer’s Novel Coronavirus treatment nematvir/ritonavir tablet combination package (Paxlovid).On the evening of February 20, a number of listed companies disclosed the development progress and contract status of COVID-19 oral drug development.Among them, Haichen Pharmaceutical disclosed that the anti-COVID-19 drug Nematvir API and its key intermediates project had been filed;Sinovac Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. announces cooperation in the development of novel Coronavirus Small molecule oral drug;CDMO company Kelayin also announced that it won a new batch of supply contracts worth about 3.542 billion yuan.On February 19, Ping An Fund Company announced the failure of the issuance of Ping An China Securities Hong Kong Stock connect consumer ETF.This is in February is also since the New Year, the third failed to issue the fund, prior to the bank of China Securities New energy vehicle battery ETF, and tongtai Fund’s tongtai share mixed raise failed.In addition, another 38 funds choose to extend the year.At the same time, since this year, the newly established fund fund-raising scale compared with the same period last year declined significantly.So far this year, only about 135.5 billion yuan of newly established funds have been raised, compared with 489.9 billion in January last year, according to Wind data.Last year, “sunlight base” and other hot market set off, this year’s fund market cold by the outside attention.Industry insiders, the recent market correction, the fund to make money the effect of the decline in subscription enthusiasm cooling, the fund in February performance can improve the confidence of the people is the key.The continuing severity of the epidemic in Hong Kong has touched the hearts of compatriots on the mainland.Recently, a number of batches of medical supplies were sent to Hong Kong from the mainland to support the fight against COVID-19.According to guangzhou Customs, on February 17, a batch of anti-epidemic medical supplies, including a negative pressure unit gas film laboratory, automatic nucleic acid extractor, disinfection vehicle and real-time quantitative PCR instrument, were loaded at Kaoxin wharf in Guangzhou and set off for Hong Kong.This batch of anti-epidemic materials was sent to Hong Kong by Guangzhou Jinyu Medical Laboratory Group Co., LTD., with a total of eight containers and more than 840 pieces.According to liu Weimin, general manager of the company’s logistics management center, Jinyu Medical emergency deployment of five cabins in one “Falcon” hard membrane laboratory and related facilities and equipment shipped to Hong Kong.After it is put into use, the daily detection capacity of Hong Kong Kingland Laboratory can be increased to 200,000 people.Arrangement: Intern Rong Yun