Junior college students also have spring, auxiliary police “annual salary system” 150,000, into the post into the opportunity to

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Students also have the spring, auxiliary police “yearly salary 150000,” the post biography opportunities to our country the inadequate phenomenon exists for a long time, after all, a “Ed” is hard to find, and the auxiliary police took to the stage, the auxiliary police as police commonly exist in the “temporary” compiling, to know in the early days of the auxiliary police also should pass unit independent recruitment, treatment is extremely low, but there are a lot of people competing to get into auxiliary police,In fact also nothing important can’t understand, after all, enter oneself for an examination the examinee of auxiliary police itself limited conditions, combined with the auxiliary police enroll condition is relatively low, some units and even high school diploma, a little change in recent years, basic also have junior college, auxiliary police is also very close to the system, voice was emphasized in recent years, due to the parties to improve treatment of auxiliary police, though a good change, but no matter how the specification,Due to the lack of staff, it is difficult to raise the salary standard of auxiliary police, which is basically around 3000 is normal.However, with the deepening of the reform of the Ministry of Public Security officers, may change the status quo, xiaoshan district, hangzhou city, zhejiang province public security bureau public security bureau official last year faces the society recruit “releasing” auxiliary police, for the first time to hire a salary of 150000 yuan, for three consecutive years are outstanding, salary raised to 180000 yuan, the matter as auxiliary police reform pilot, fairly successful,Let countless auxiliary police see hope, then, Liaoning also made relevant changes, regulations directly from the auxiliary police to select business recruitment talent, and then Ningxia and Tianjin regulations, on-the-job auxiliary police can participate in the examination, recruitment conditions can be relaxed.It is also because of the continuous attempts and efforts of these areas, auxiliary police can be expected to change in the future, no matter from which dimension there is a great improvement, in the future, with the increase of the recruitment threshold, must also be more and more formal, see here, as auxiliary police what do you think?