Lijiang police: serve the masses and protect safety

2022-04-23 0 By

On February 8, a member of the traffic police brigade of the Ancient Town branch of Lijiang Municipal Public Security Bureau found a lost ID card on the roadside.Considering that the loss of the id card would cause inconvenience to the owner, the police immediately asked nearby shops and passers-by, but failed to find the owner.Subsequently, the police according to the id card information to contact the owner.More than ten minutes later, the owner came to the intersection. After carefully verifying the identity information, the officer on duty returned the id card intact to the owner, who kept thanking the officer on duty.(traffic police brigade/and huilian) for students to change the ID card in time recently, the ancient city police station urgent people urgent, want to think of the masses, for students unable to return to entrust their domestic relatives for the id card change procedures.It turned out that a student in the district was studying abroad and his resident id card had expired, but he could not return to China because of the epidemic. His parents were entrusted to come to the police station for consultation.After learning the relevant situation, the household registration police promptly informed the student’s parents to provide the required materials for the id card replacement according to the relevant requirements. After confirming through mobile phone video connection and carefully verifying the relevant information, the student handled the ID card replacement procedures in time.A small ID card, a strong love for the people, is the ancient city public security service for the people in an epitome.Source: Lijiang Old Town Police, Lijiang Politics and Law