What you drive is called money, and what you drive is called wealth

2022-04-23 0 By

In recent years, we often hear the phrase “wealth freedom”, but few people grasp the point of this sentence. Many people think that the point of “wealth freedom” is wealth, but it’s just the opposite — it’s never about wealth, it’s about freedom.Some people even think that “wealth freedom” means you can buy whatever you want, but that’s not the case.Wealth freedom is when you have enough time and enough money to do what you want.On the premise that “basic” life needs are “sustained”, enough capital can be “freely” invested in “should” do!If health and wisdom are only preconditions, then money in a narrow sense can only be mentioned to a higher level. Money is above everything in life. However, it should be noted that only capital operation can realize wealth freedom, and there will be no freedom if we continue to invest too much energy.For many people, achieving financial freedom is their ideal, but achieving financial freedom requires “making your money work for you”, which by its very nature requires high skills and sufficient capital.Take the fund market as an example, under the recent frequent market fluctuations, most people are in a state of relative loss, and many people have become “leeks”, which is ultimately driven by money because of conformity and blind conformity.Money is a slave to you as long as it controls you, but it is only when you control it that it becomes your wealth.There’s nothing wrong with trying hard to make money, but when you go after something you can’t achieve, the harder you try, the worse it gets.When a person’s ability can not accompany his ambition, he did all in vain;It is better to digest what you have and make what you have your own wealth than to chase what you can’t get.