Xiangfang District library is in action

2022-04-23 0 By

      On July 7, the reporter learned from Xiangfang that the Library of Xiangfang District was self-disciplined and actively responded to the call of the superior, devoting itself to the epidemic prevention and control work without turning back, making every effort to “close the library area and provide abundant online reading resources for the public”.      According to reports, Xiangfang District library does not flinch in the face of risks, sinking into the community and sticking to the front line of fighting the epidemic.Some library staff incarnated as “angels in white” to assist medical staff in nucleic acid detection information collection;Some incarnate epidemic prevention propagandists, holding speakers for epidemic prevention propaganda;Some incarnate safety guide, to help community workers to do a good job of order guidance;Some are working day and night as epidemic prevention and control personnel.Their perseverance has warmed the hearts of the community and inspired everyone’s confidence in overcoming the epidemic together.      Xiangfang district library, meanwhile, according to the principle of “which closed, service continuously”, to meet the epidemic prevention and control during the reading habits and cultural needs of the masses, continuously strengthen the online digital culture service supply, carry out various forms of public digital culture online activities, daily by WeChat public platform to push more high quality digital cultural resources,Enrich people’s spiritual and cultural life, so that readers can enjoy quality reading activities without leaving home.Reporter: Wang Jing editor: Cong Wei responsible editor: Li Shi audit: ambition