More than six years to join hands in the “Winter Expo” and the Beijing Winter Olympic Games together to the future

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Beijing, January 31 (Xinhua)Preparations for the Beijing Winter Olympics are not just about staging the games.By maximizing the benefits of cities, sports and industries, and focusing especially on “people”, the Games can continue to unleash positive influences across time and space.Photo taken at the National Stadium in Beijing, capital of China, Jan. 28, 2019.The International Winter Sports (Beijing) Expo (hereinafter referred to as the “Winter Expo”) is precisely adhering to this mission.As an important commitment made by China to the international community when it was bidding for the Winter Olympics, the Winter Expo, born of “Winter Olympics” and “thriving from ice and snow”, has been continuously promoting the exchange and integration of the global ice and snow industry for six years and gradually developed into the world’s no. 1 event on ice and snow.Bach, president of the International Olympic Committee (IOC), pointed out that the EXPO is committed to integrating the winter sports industry and is an excellent platform to promote the all-round development of winter sports in China, playing an important role in preparing for the Beijing Winter Olympic Games.The development of WINTER Expo mainly experienced three stages: “establishment and exploration”, “formation and influence” and “promotion and development”.Thanks to various efforts, the total exhibition area of the EXPO has reached 150,000 square meters, with a total of 1 million participants, more than 600 exhibitors and 130,000 professional visitors.A child plays curling at the winter Sports exhibition area of the International Winter Sports expo in Beijing, capital of China, Sept. 5, 2020.Xinhua News Agency/Li Ming — Internationalization, highlighting the global pattern.The Winter Expo is committed to becoming a “weather vane” of the international ice and snow sports and the development trend of the ice and snow industry.With the help of this international platform, new products and trends in global ice and snow equipment manufacturing, venue construction and service, ice and snow tourism, sports training and other fields can be intensively displayed.Although the epidemic has cast a cloud over the global ice and snow industry, THE WINTER Expo has rapidly developed and applied the online exhibition platform in combination with offline exhibitions and forums.International sports organizations, ice and snow sports powers and international brands continue to gather at the Expo to look forward to the future with a “more united” attitude.Industrialization, release the new efficiency of domestic ice and snow industry.”With the meeting as the medium”, Domestic enterprises such as Mingxing, Carbin and Notec have gradually developed and strengthened their independent research and development capabilities from the initial brand agency, and emerged a large number of mature products and complete sets of technologies.At the Expo, provinces, cities and regions in China deepened exchanges and cooperation, and enterprises and governments coordinated their resources, yielding substantial results.The EXPO also sets a stage for ice and snow innovation projects and start-ups, and selects high-quality startups through the ice and snow innovation and entrepreneurship competition to promote industrial innovation and promote the integration of sports and science and technology.– Popular, interactive experience ignites the public “ice and snow fever”.Ice and snow fashion show, ice and snow purchasing festival and other activities provide exhibition platform and business opportunities for exhibitors, but also shorten the distance with consumers.The experience of real ice, VR skiing and the audience enjoying themselves in the Winter Expo is one of the best promotion for the popularization of ice and snow sports.Internationalization, industrialization and popularization are not only the three highlights of the EXPO, but also practical measures to help prepare for the Beijing Winter Olympic Games.Every previous WINTER Olympics Expo has featured a special exhibition area for the Beijing Winter Olympic Games, presenting the latest progress in venue construction, event operation, high-tech Winter Olympics and sustainable development.The exhibition stands for the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympic Games and Paralympic Winter Games at the Winter Sports Area of the International Winter Sports expo in Beijing, China, September 5, 2020.From 2020, the Winter Expo will be incorporated into the “Service Trade Fair”, one of the three major exhibition platforms for China’s opening up to the outside world, injecting new momentum into the Expo.In 2021, the Winter Expo will be held in Shougang Park, further demonstrating the revitalization of industrial transformation and urban renewal driven by preparations for the Winter Olympics.After the Beijing Winter Olympics, ice and snow sports and industries will continue to draw attention, and the public’s enthusiasm for experiencing ice and snow will continue to rise.The “future together” of the Winter Expo and the Beijing Winter Olympic Games will continue to be written.Source: Xinhua