The post-00s don’t visit their relatives has aroused heated debate, but we have lost the most traditional concept in China

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It’s not just this year, but this year there are so many of them that they have attracted more attention.So is it appropriate for the post-00s not to visit relatives?I do not know anyone, to the embarrassment must be a lot of post-00 consensus.Because their parents work in other places, they seldom go home and communicate with their relatives, so they don’t know each other at all.I was at home yesterday to entertain the children of my aunt’s family. My Cousins are all over 40 and my niece is born after 2000. I asked her to help me serve the meal.She said to me: what is the name ah, how to call ah?I was momentarily stunned and said, “When you see who is older, just say you eat.”She felt embarrassed, and after serving dinner, she went to her room.My Cousins’ children didn’t talk to us much, and we didn’t know what to say.In fact, both families are awkward, and it seems inappropriate to visit relatives without their children.My brother took my nephew to visit relatives, but did not take my niece. Because my nephew was young, my niece had gone to college, and she had little contact with relatives these years. She said by herself, “Don’t go, I don’t know anyone.”Having been there a few times before, for them, does not enhance the relationship between relatives, but becomes dispensable social.With the development of The Times, many traditional concepts in China have been lost, such as the concept of family.In the past, grandparents would give birth to many children, every year just to visit relatives for several days, in which family are noisy.Later, when the parents came, there were fewer children, and although the visit to relatives was still lively, it was much less exciting than in previous years.Our brothers and sisters of the same generation are living as “axes”, revolving day and night.We don’t see each other a few times throughout the year. During the Spring Festival, we greet each other with a few pleasantries and play for a day or two. Then the festive atmosphere disappears into thin air and we are busy with our own things.When it comes to the post-90s and post-00s, their circle is mostly made up of classmates, friends and colleagues, with relatives in the back.This is very helpless, if calm down to reflect on, I think the family values lost.What are family values?Have you ever seen sun Li’s blooming moon is full that year?She was married to a man who ran a family business, so to speak.Brothers and sisters rise and fall together.Despite their disagreements, they wanted to work together in terms of family reputation and business.Every New Year and festivals also kowtow ancestor worship.Because it is passed down from generation to generation, the younger generation will follow suit, and people naturally have feelings for the family.When I was in college, I heard that some of my classmates admired having a family tree, because it was a kind of cohesion that let everyone know that you had roots, who your predecessors were and what your peers were like.In this way, when going to relatives, there is a sense of association, will naturally close up.But now we see some traditional customs of the elders, passed on and lost, or out of shape, so the post-90s know even less, the post-00s also have no way to know what the family means to them, and what it means to visit relatives.Naturally, usually contact, holidays are not awkward.Usually do not contact, holidays do not go.With a new definition of family planning, should the family concept be picked up and passed on?Visiting relatives is a Chinese characteristic and Chinese heritage, so the family concept should be passed down.We always say that people are weak, but in fact we all live alone. We only care about ourselves, and we don’t blame others for their indifference.But if a family gets everyone together, then people’s sense of responsibility and friendship will gradually increase.It is the same with patriotism.The post-00s don’t visit relatives, not only because of their feelings, but also because their elders don’t carry on their traditions well.Telling the story of an extended family is a collective effort, not a group effort.I hope we can all face it and do it.Want to know more exciting content, come to pay attention to Shanmeng Sea oath only wish zhenxin