The total purchase amount exceeds 14 billion yuan!Medical endoscope 2021 bidding data released

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Data description The bidding data of Zhongcheng Medical equipment big data platform come from the procurement platforms of provincial and municipal governments, the official websites of major hospitals and third-party platforms.In this paper, the statistical data of brand market, popular products and segmented varieties are based on the complete disclosure of endoscope bid-winning brand and total price information.The statistical scope of regional market is the data that the purchasing unit has clear information and can be located to the information of provinces.According to the statistics department, in 2021, a total of 4,394 procurement units announced the bidding results of endoscopes, involving 13,750 endoscopes bidding results, covering 479 brands, a total of 29,682 pieces of procurement, a total of 14.08 billion yuan of procurement.According to The research group, Olympus won the most bids in terms of both the sum and the number of bids for endoscopes in medical institutions in 2021.According to the bid-winning announcement and product model, endoscope is divided into hard endoscope and soft endoscope, the results are as follows.According to the statistics of The Public Statistics Department, in 2021, the total amount of hard mirror bidding and bidding of medical institutions, Karstios ranked first.Olympus market share of soft mirror 54.4% soft endoscope technical barriers are higher, mainly by the Japanese brand monopoly.In 2021, Olympus, Pentax Tag Heuer, Fuji and other imported brands won a total of 3.13 billion yuan in bidding, while domestic brands such as KAI, Aohua, Youyi and other equipment procurement amount of 260 million yuan.05 popular products Olympus CV-290 bid a total of 820 million yuan Olympus CV-290 bid the highest total amount of products this year, the amount of 820 million yuan;Karstios TC200 and Da Vinci IS4000 ranked second and third with 480 million yuan and 470 million yuan respectively.Data Source:All the CVS division (formerly the into YiXie) 06 segmentation gastrointestinal endoscopy winning a total of 2.2 billion yuan, the winning number up to 12768 pieces from endoscopic nasal laryngoscope bidding segmentation varieties, has a variety of endoscope in hospital this year end procurement scope, including gastrointestinal endoscopy won the bid, the highest total amount of 2.2 billion yuan, a total of 2396 pieces of the winning number.Data sources: the percentage of families (the original into YiXie) : the 07 endoscopic procurement of guangdong province’s largest regional market, up to 1.62 billion yuan in terms of regional distribution of market demand, according to the relatively complete bidding data were collected into families, [] as a result, the winning amount distribution from the provinces, the provinces of guangdong, this year’s breakthrough one billion yuan to 1.62 billion yuan in the first place;Hebei province ranked second with 790 million yuan.It was followed by Zhejiang province, which won 730 million yuan.According to the bidding result, the hospital with the highest total procurement amount of endoscopes in 2021 was Xingtai People’s Hospital, with a total procurement amount of 99.063 million yuan.The second was the First Affiliated Hospital of Chongqing Medical University and the People’s Hospital of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region.In 2021, more than 4,000 suppliers won the bid, among which the highest total sales amount is Intuitive Fosun (Hong Kong) Co., LTD., which reached 180 million yuan, the sales volume of 28.It is followed by Jiangsu Science and Technology Development Co., LTD and China Resources Wenzhou Pharmaceutical Co., LTD.Data source: Zhongcheng Data Department (former Zhongcheng Medical Equipment)