$300, 500 a day to stay off the air

2022-04-25 0 By

It’s interesting to share a project with you today, which attracts rewards through making content and opening a live broadcast.New Year’s day these days at home unavoidable brush video time is more up, there are several kinds of very interesting, one is the studio design signature, you hit your name in the studio, he randomly selected to design signature for you, you feel you can take a screenshot down, their later practice can be used.One is Tibetan poem, for example, you say four words, I love XX, he will write a Tibetan poem for you, you can send this poem to XX in the past, add some emotional appeal.One of the characteristics of these two types of live broadcast is that there are not many people online in the live broadcast room, but the interaction is very strong. If you want to help you design, you should always type in the comment area, which will increase the weight of the live broadcast room and further attract people to come in.Let’s talk about the way to realize this kind of live broadcast first. One of the main ways is reward. During the live broadcast, reward can be guided and the audience who reward can give immediate response or even answer.Those interested in the original white whoring to see rewards may also be driven up rewards, single rewards may not be much, but a few hours a day live, rewards more people, a day income of hundreds of dollars or can be.Another is to lead to the private domain further transaction, such as signing broadcast room only cut a map may still write bad, lead to the private domain, hand in hand to teach the pen to pick up these, until skilled, a person to receive a few dollars is not excessive.Tibetan poem is easier, make a small program that automatically generates Tibetan poem, sell it to them in 9.9, they can play it however they want.Design signature may require complex tools or their own word writing is not good, the threshold is relatively high, this may not be suitable for everyone to operate.Basically, everyone can do the initial poem. In the actual live broadcast, pay attention to the fact that when others send content, you can send the poem generated by the software at an interval of more than ten seconds. In this way, people will think that you are really creating and thinking, and it will be more valuable.Is it possible that someone will say that no one will search for this software online?Remember that most people don’t know the most obvious things.There will always be information gaps.The project is very simple, the requirements are not high, 0 fans can start, interested can try.​