Here come the stamps commemorating the opening of the Winter Olympics

2022-04-25 0 By

CCTV Finance (reporter Wen Peiya) On February 4, China Post issued a set of 2 commemorative stamps entitled “The opening ceremony of the 24th Winter Olympic Games”, with the name of the stamp pattern of “Towards the future together, the light of Hope”.The full set has a face value of $2.40.The number of stamps to be issued is 11.5 million.It is learned that since 2017, China Post has issued five sets of 18 commemorative stamps, one set of two special stamps for personalized services and three sets of ordinary postage covers.The stamps are on sale today (February 4) only through online channels such as Philatelic Counter and will be available at all postal outlets nationwide tomorrow.Reprint please indicate CCTV Finance (editor He Fei)