Qinhuangdao issued on March 15, 2022 consumption tips: Understand consumption warnings to avoid falling into the trap

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On March 14, a press conference on the protection of consumers’ rights and interests in Qinhuangdao city announced the general situation of complaints, reports and consultation information received by the 12315 system in 2021, the top 10 complaint hotspots in 2021, and the “March 15” consumption warning in 2022.In 2021, the Market supervision 12315 system in Qinhuangdao city received 64,465 complaints, reports and consulting information, up 8.7 percent year on year.Among them, 45,585 were consulting cases, up 5% year on year.There were 12,152 complaints, up 48.99% year on year.Reporting 6,728 cases, down 14.2 percent year on year.The handling rate of complaints and reports in The city reached 99.2%, leading the whole province.The conference also revealed the top 10 consumer complaints in 2021, which are:Prepayment consumption risk, home decoration complaints rise fast, beauty consumption is not “beautiful”, out-of-school training fee refund is difficult, food safety concerns, elderly consumption “trap”, remote shopping complaints heat is not reduced, intermediary services are uneven, minors excessive consumption problem frequency and personal information leakage into a new hot spot.To address these problems, the Qinhuangdao Consumer Rights and Interests Protection Commission has put forward the “March 15” consumer warning for 2022, instructing consumers to pay more attention when buying products and services to avoid falling into the consumption trap.Food safety is no small matter, daily consumption more attention.The municipal Consumer Protection Commission advocates that the city’s operators operate in good faith, responsible departments perform their duties according to law, jointly create a safe and secure food safety environment, and remind consumers to go through regular channels when buying food;When eating out, choose restaurants with complete licenses and clean environment.When ordering food online, we should pay attention to choose the catering units with complete licenses and close distances to order, try not to buy cold dishes, raw food, cold processed cakes and other high-risk food online.Hairdressing consumption traps, consumption choices need to be cautious.Consumer should understand to the qualification of hairdressing orgnaization, product somewhat, choose to suit oneself, do not listen to advertisement propaganda easily, blind consumption.Prepayment consumption risk, rational purchase to ensure safety.Before applying for a card, we should know more about the situation of the merchant, apply for the card as needed and sign a written contract to avoid unnecessary waste caused by excessive one-time recharge;We should pay more attention to the behavior of businesses. If we find abnormal phenomena such as large discounts and business closures, we should timely understand the situation, make complaints and reports, and prevent businesses from suddenly running away.Personal information to protect, online and offline leakage prevention.Strengthen personal information protection consciousness, do not covet coupons and other “petty cheap” and easily divulge personal information.When consuming online, we should try our best to “provide limited information” and do not fill in personal information that can be left blank.When handing out gifts along the street, it is necessary to participate carefully to prevent the abuse of personal information;Do not connect to unknown Wi-Fi in public places at will, so as not to steal personal information and affect the security of funds.Take the initiative to shoulder social responsibilities and prevent minors from excessive consumption.Operators should strengthen self-discipline, strictly implement real-name authentication regulations, effectively launch game anti-addiction system, payment restrictions and other protection mechanisms;Parents should fulfill their guardianship responsibilities and keep their mobile phone and bank card passwords well to prevent their children from using them to make large payments;Schools should also play an educational warning role, correctly guide minors to better use healthy online games, and actively organize interesting activities to drag children’s attention from the online world back to real life. If losses have been caused,Shall collect all top-up payment records such as vouchers, minors chat logs in the game, and other evidence to prove to be a minor operation value information, such as actively negotiate with online game companies, such as negotiation may choose to complain to the relevant departments or Sue to the court to safeguard their legitimate rights and interests.Qinhuangdao market supervision administration and city consumer protection committee will fully implementing “propaganda Angle, has strength, mediation has a temperature regulation” consumer protection work, practically improving harbour city people’s independent consciousness and the ability of maintaining consumer fair in accordance with the law and the security line, optimize market environment, promote consumer fair.Article source: the Great Wall net High quality content recommend central bank: household sector long-term loans to reduce our caravan left changli county of 45.9 billion yuan in February: services for the agriculture integrated platform to service the masses “the last kilometer” SOS!Qinhuangdao many places a missing person announcement