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“Some people said there would be a wave of revenge trips after the epidemic, but I have been waiting for more than three months and not many people have come to revenge me.I’m anxious about how zoos will survive in the future.”So said Shen Zhijun, director of Nanjing Hongshan Zoo, in a speech titled “The Pursuit of a Zoo” delivered by Yi Xi in July 2020.Through the video, people get to know a professional, warm and interesting zoo director.His speech also made this different zoo known to more people and attracted more attention.After “We are Not Brutalist” and “Are There Any Bears”, Nanjing Hongshan Zoo has published a new book, which tells a touching and funny story between 13 keepers and their “furry children”.Zoos are places where life talks to life, and people come to visit animals in their homes.”What is the point of zoos?”The topic has been discussed 200 million times online.As people pay more and more attention to nature and species conservation, modern zoos should present more diversified features and functions to the public.On the cover of the new book, “Red Mountain Zoo is My Home.”Lexy & quot;They snuggle together, as if a family, gibbons open arms, standing on the giraffe’s back, gorillas, pandas and other animals in giraffe feet, naive.The book tells the stories of the keepers and animals of the Orangutan, Asian primate, marmoset, bear, Chinese Cat, giraffe, meerkat and giant Panda, as well as the breeding and care center and nanjing Wildlife Rescue Center in Jiangsu Province.The keepers get along with the “MAO children” day and night, not only the “mother” and “nanny” who worry about their food and clothing, but also the “partner” who accompany them to play and grow up, or the “matchmaker” who worries about their marriage and family happiness.Not only did they develop a deep bond with animals, but they also accumulated many interesting daily stories.Each keeper shared their own exclusive memories of their furry children.The relationship between sun Yanxia, a keeper, and Xiao Hei began in 2015.She said xiao Hei, who was born in 1989, is a year older than she is.In the past seven years, she has watched Hei grow from a dashing “handsome young man” to a “young man in middle age”.It is no longer as agile as it used to be, but as it grows older, it becomes more contemplative, often sitting quietly on its perch, and its painting mood becomes more stable and its painting style becomes more mature.In the eyes of keeper Chen Yuanyuan, the white-browed gibbon couple duo Duo and Guo Guo are a pair of “gods and apes and heroes”.They grew up together, childhood sweethearts, through 11 spring and autumn.The two will groom each other and “crow and sing” in the morning.Fruit fruit because of injury and many brief parting, each other miss each other and tea.”What was interesting was that the gibbons’ husband and wife ‘behaved almost the same as each other after they had been together for a long time.The book also shows captive breeding of cassowaries, giraffes, marmosets and gibbons at the zoo, and explains the birth and development of baby animals from the perspective of the keepers themselves.Chen Yuelong, a staff member of the rescue center, told stories about the rescue of wild animals.”Keepers should respect the nature of animals and protect their wildness.There should not be a subordinate relationship between the keeper and the animal, but an equal partnership.”Shen Zhijun, director of Hongshan Forest Zoo, said wild animals living in zoos are nature’s “conservation education ambassadors”.The keeper’s goal is to make every “MAO child” live in the zoo with more dignity and confidence, just like living in the wild home, human and nature, harmonious coexistence.With hongshan Zoo is my Home, Shen hopes to make the concept of modern zoos known to the public." As the core of hongshan Zoo, the importance of keepers is self-evident.Only when animals are in good condition, can the public be truly infected by the beauty of other life in the tour and be willing to put it into practice and participate in the protection of the environment and animals."Zhu Yingchun, a well-known book designer, is also one of the editors of the book.When I was visiting the zoo, I saw the keepers cutting vegetables and fruits as carefully as preparing food for their families. I was moved, so I gave the book a title that was not fanciful, but it was true." Zhu also revealed some of the subtleties in the book design. For example, normal books are bound in white or black, but this book uses green, which symbolizes nature.Red Mountain Zoo What kind of zoo do we need?Science writer and zoo enthusiast Hua Yu defines it this way: “Good zoos not only entertain and educate visitors, but ultimately translate all the gains and insights into improvements in daily behavior;This change in behaviour will reduce stress on the environment and allow both humans and these lovely wildlife to live longer on earth.”This is probably the biggest reason why we like Hongshan Zoo.Read More — Are the Bears There? Is a cute little book jointly created by Zhu Yingchun, winner of the “World’s Most Beautiful Book” award, and Shen Zhijun, director of Nanjing Hongshan Zoo.One day, Zhu Yingchun came to the zoo to play, he found a “behavior record book” at the gate of the bear museum, which was densely filled with visitors’ bear watching messages.Zhu Yingchun enjoyed reading the book and had the idea of making a fun bear book.The origin of this book is also interesting. After the reconstruction of the bear house in 2021, bears became nervous and had problems with stereotypical behavior.Unable to monitor each bear’s life and state of mind for better assessment and intervention, keeper Pempera came up with a public message book, asking visitors to help record their sightings.Two months later, the book was filled with all kinds of bear watching comments.Someone just drew a picture of the bear;Someone honestly wrote “No bear”, “Where did the bear go”, “No bear”…After a series of proposals and reversals, the bear book, which includes visitor records and keeper logs, was finally born.It not only shows the variety of bears and interesting daily life, but also reveals more about the breeding of bears in Hongshan Zoo.