Shanxi: Fanshi County Xiaoyong logistics park coal bare no supervision?

2022-04-25 0 By

Recently, the netizen reports is located in Shanxi Province fanshi county road side coal yard pollution is serious, hope the relevant departments can strict management.Above for XiaoYong logistics park on February 10, our staff conducted field visits, found in cloud valley village opposite XiaoYong logistics park, simple production equipment and powder coal storage yard, there is no environmental protection consciousness above, let us surprised and confused messy pile of coal, coal yard, a logistics regulators did not belong to intervene.So how does this coal yard exist for a long time without any environmental protection measures?It is understood that nearby villagers have also reported such problems to relevant departments, and relevant media have also responded to such environmental pollution, but they have not been fundamentally solved.I hope the Environmental protection department of Fanshi County can pay attention to and give people a better living environment!Under the current “zero tolerance” policy of environmental pollution, why do coal yard operators brazenly defy the wind?The media will continue to pay attention.