Shen Qingzhi, a famous general of the next generation, lived 80 years and lived with five emperors. Why did he die a bad death?

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In the feudal society of ancient China, the average life expectancy of people was not very long.Even the emperors who were so pampered did not live very long.If a person lived longer than the average for the time being and stayed in his job all his life, he must have been a very unusual person.In The Period of Wei, Jin, Southern and Northern Dynasties, people’s life expectancy was very short because of the constant wars and the frequent changes of dynasties.But it also produced the very interesting phenomenon of a man living in different dynasties in his short life span of a few decades.Shen Qingzhi, a famous general in the Song Dynasty of the Southern Dynasty, was such a typical figure.Shen Qingzhi was born in the Eastern Jin Dynasty, but spent most of his life working for song in the Northern and Southern Dynasties.He served in the five dynasties of the Song Dynasty in his life, which can be said to be outstanding.But is such a loyal old minister, in such a chaotic era did not end well, why on earth?At the end of the Eastern Han Dynasty, the kingdoms of Wei, Shu and Wu were divided into three kingdoms. At that time, Wei gained the upper hand by virtue of Cao Cao’s military prowess.However, sima Yi usurped the real power in the end, and sima family began a series of operations to integrate the disintegrating world.In the end, Sima Yan deposed Emperor Yuan and proclaimed himself king, and the Jin dynasty was established and the world was unified again.But after Sima Yan’s death, a new round of infighting began, and Sima Rui, who had a background in the Jin dynasty, rebuilt the Jin dynasty in the south.This period is known as the Eastern Jin Dynasty. The Eastern Jin dynasty was a typical family politics with extremely chaotic internal governance.Shen Qingzhi is one of the representative figures of this period.Shen Qingzhi was born in a famous family in southern China.When shen Qingzhi has a chivalrous, serve the motherland sincere heart.So he began to learn martial arts when he was young, so he developed a good skill.But if you want to embark on an official career, it is not enough to rely on martial arts alone, but Shen Qingzhi is not very good at cultural accomplishment.That’s why he’s never been used.It was not until he was in his thirties that he demonstrated his formidable fighting strength in the rebellion against Sun En.However, after the war, the economy of jiangnan area was greatly damaged. The war reduced a large number of labor force, and the land became extremely desolate due to no cultivation.Shen qingzhi decided he wanted to contribute to the revitalization of agriculture in his hometown, so he started farming.However, the Eastern Jin Dynasty was already at the end of the dynasty.No matter how hard he tried, he could not adapt the economic decline of his hometown.So he decided to get out of his field and go to the city to find his own way out.When he arrived at his brother’s home in Xiangyang, he was appreciated by zhao Lunzhi, a general in the current dynasty.Shen Qingzhi began his brave military career.Zhao Lunzhi was the founding general of song In the Northern and Southern Dynasties.After Shen Qingzhi came to zhao Lunzhi, he was arranged to assist his son Zhao Bofu’s important task.Shen Qingzhi in Zhao Bofu’s work for more than ten years, during many times to participate in the fight against barbarians, because the performance is extremely outstanding so was appointed to the post of the general of the Central Plains.Later because zhao Bofu physical reasons can not continue to fight, Shen Qingzhi also turned to tan Daoji’s account under the post.Although Shen Qingzhi was already in his 40s, he was still strong and brave.So he still played an important role in Tandoji’s army.Tan Daoji praised Shen Qingzhi to the sovereign of Song for many times, so Shen Qingzhi was also promoted by the ruler of the current dynasty.Shen Qingzhi because of his superior performance in the battle to wipe out the chaotic officials of the State of Song, liu Yilong, emperor Wen of the State of Song, was conferred the title of “After The emperor to join the army” and “after the member to ride the Lord”.After the promotion of shen Qingzhi did not begin to enjoy the old age of life.At that time, there was a barbarian rebellion within the territory of Yongzhou, song sent to suppress the troops because of the general command disadvantage repeatedly defeated.At this critical juncture Shen Qingzhi was once again entrusted with an important task and put down the riot.Thus he became firmly established in the army of the State of Song.During the reign of Liu Yilong, emperor of song, the Northern Expedition was waged many times.But because of their own strength is not enough, have failed for the final outcome.If it had not been for shen Qingzhi’s consolidation in the south during this period, I am afraid that Song would have faced a dilemma between the north and the south.Later, Liu Yilong was in power for a long time, resulting in the dissatisfaction of crown Prince Liu Xun, and finally launched a coup to seize power.After the success of patricide seize power Liu Xun attempt to woo Shen Qingzhi the hero.But the shen Qingzhi of great man of integrity disdain to connive with the villain that violates human relations however, he chose to stand in the Liu Jun side that has more sense of justice.Finally, with his help, Liu Jun defeated Liu Xun and became the new monarch of Song.Shen Qingzhi was also given some sinecures to enjoy his retirement because of his eminence.Three, the old man was stabbed to death nearly 70 shen Qingzhi thought he could live a carefree old age.But song’s internal struggle for power made the old man unhappy, and he came out to help Liu Jun stabilize the regime.He first eradicated the traitors who threatened his throne, and then helped Liu Jun pacify the rebels in Guangling.The 70-year-old man has devoted most of his life to the liu family.Fortunately, he also got liu Jun’s gratitude in return.His official position is also a rise and rise again, the treatment is very generous.Later liu Jun died, he was assigned to assist the young master.But the young master was wicked and cruel.This caused the dissatisfaction of other powerful people in the court, and they decided to replace the young Lord with another king.Shen Qingzhi in order to protect the young Lord, he will be this group of powerful ideas to the young Lord to report.The cruel young master immediately took action to defend his rights after hearing this news, and he eradicated all the rebels one by one.In the meantime, he also is opposite this inform against assistant minister Shen Qingzhi produced the heart of disinterest.Shen Qingzhi can be nearly the year is not aware of this, he still wanted to young Lord to the right way.Persistent to the young Lord advice, but the nature of the young Lord is not what an upright person.For Shen Qingzhi of this one practice feel very disgusted, finally this young Lord or choose to this loyal to the song five emperors of the old minister pain next killer.To sum up, most of the loyal and righteous people in ancient times had short lives.But Shen Qingzhi is an exception, he is a very long-lived military talent.On the one hand, it depends on the favorable living conditions of his childhood, on the other hand, it also has something to do with his years of martial arts.Living a long and healthy life, he served the song state for several decades, serving five emperors of the Song State.Had it not been for his own wrong choice in the end, I believe his life would never have ended at the age of eighty.It is very likely that he will be the first centenarian in the Southern and Northern Dynasties.