Benxi, Liaoning: A woman has caused a stir by showing off her wardrobe.Net friend: Envy

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A neat and clean home, let a person feel sweet and warm, is clean in the home, in addition to the hostess to hard-working, more tidy up outside, must all have a common good habits, such as home slippers, you want to change into the bathroom in shoes, if the floor is wet, immediately take off clean, things, after use must return to the same place, and so on.If there is only one person in the family who likes to clean, and the others don’t have this good habit, it is bound to be very tired, what’s more, it will affect the relationship between husband and wife.Recently, a woman in Benxi, Liaoning province, posted a picture of her wardrobe, which became a hot topic among netizens.The woman said she has been married for 11 years and spends time every day cleaning up the house.The door must be changed shoes, she showed her wardrobe, things folded into tofu, neat.She posted the video on the Internet, and her friends became upset and expressed their opinions.Netizen: In 2011, his father was still asking if he could make a quilt every morning, so that the children could make their own quilt and pile it on the bed.I said no, don’t you have to sleep at night?Why fold it!His father looked at me silently.Net friend: My husband’s family is like this, the wardrobe is neat, so his son asked me to do the same, I have to cook in addition to work, he is a freelancer, the main stock trading, just cook rice, he asked me to clean every day, the wardrobe folded like the picture.His parents wanted to find a good match for their daughter-in-law, so they chose me, and after we were married, I realized that none of this meant anything to him, and he just wanted a submissive nanny.People don’t think you work hard, only see I don’t do housework.I said that it was good enough for me to buy vegetables, cook vegetables and clean up the kitchen when I came home from work. What they wanted was the same effect as the picture. They blamed me for not being able to clean and organize, so they broke up before they could get together.The girl who is so good at cleaning can not say that there is no, but his parents require their daughter-in-law to be excellent and capable, and his son also requires virtuous and clean housework.I don’t think they were looking for the same person, and I don’t know if they found one.Net friend: my clothes are dozen roll collection, pick up a small hole won’t be disorderly, wear after washing dozen roll in put back to the original position, like her so take clothes very bad, want to wear the clothes below a take above all want to take down again board board is put back, too tired!In fact, as the picture tidy up neat people are some, but in fact, how much is a bit of cleanliness.When I was a girl, when I was 14, the first thing I did when I came home from school or went out to work was clean my house.Two years before marriage is also to come home from work is to clean up the house, make bad mood and health.I’ve been keeping my eyes closed for two years now.Envy women have a good husband!Housewives can clean up day after day.It’s impossible to go to work.Leave early in the morning and come home at six.Take an hour off after dinner and exercise for an hour.Get cleaned up, get ready for bed, it’s almost 10:30, don’t you have some TV time, reading time?Time to lie flat?Weekends can be a day to do housework.I won’t spend so much time on housework when I’m retired.What a lot of fun it kills.Just clean and tidy.People don’t live to tidy up.Of course, this is a self-disciplined family, if only a person’s habit, is impossible to achieve such!I clean the house from the front and build it from the back, and I’ll let you in and find a place to set your feet, so it takes a lot of personal effort and good habits to keep your house clean.# Society