“Comprehensive control of the environment” Jinzhou police strict investigation straw burning problem

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On March 9, the Municipal Party Committee and the municipal government issued a notice, the city appeared heavy pollution weather, start red (level ⅰ) early warning response, the city’s party and government organs, enterprises and public institutions, primary and secondary schools (senior three grade stop evening classes), kindergarten have implemented the rest.Such serious pollution is thought-provoking, but should cause a wake up, everyone is responsible for protecting the environment, but there are always some people in order to figure out the moment, causing serious damage to the environment.At 11 o ‘clock on The evening of March 2, yi County public Security Bureau Qilihe police station in the evening patrol found that the area jingjiapu village six groups of smoke billowing on the south hillside, the police immediately went to find villagers zhang in their own contracting land burning.Police comrades immediately to deal with the fire, and will zhang xx back to the investigation.At 9:50 on The morning of March 8, the Niangniangong police station of the Development Zone public Security Sub-bureau found in a joint patrol with the streets of Daliu village villagers Yu Mou, Pan Mou illegally burning straw.The police took the two villagers back to the police station according to law and informed them that they knew their behavior was illegal and would put an end to such behavior in the future.At present, the three have been dealt with according to law.People often spring to early, were farming activities have been started, to prevent burning straw and other illegal behavior occurs, the public security organs will be “man-to-man, people looked” approach, in key areas, road, easy burning point for all-round, full time monitoring, ideological work for the masses, to explain the influence of burning straw and the importance of protecting the environment,We will strive for the people’s understanding, support and cooperation, and actively create a good atmosphere of “nationwide burning ban”.Source: Yixian Public Security Bureau, Development Zone Public Security Sub-bureau review: Wang Hao written by Wang Bingyin editor: Zhang Xiao