For the unemployed, this is the era of no cost, no work can make money

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In the first decade of this century — from 2001 to 2010, many young people in small towns faced great pain, because many young people in small towns did not have jobs in their hometown, nor did they have a degree in big cities. Moreover, it was very dangerous to go to other places alone.So for young people in small towns at that time, it was really full of helplessness and pain.However, the good news is that technology, especially the development of mobile Internet, has made the world smaller, but also more and more people can stay at home to work.I have a friend: in the last five years, he has hardly stepped out of the house: his income depends on receiving Java development orders online, and daily necessities rely on online shopping to solve.Of course, this is also possible for people without Java technology.That is to engage in new media operations.For new media operators, there are many projects that can gain benefits, including but not limited to the following: The first.Graphic.Image and text is the most basic new media revenue generating projects.As long as they can write articles, they can publish pictures and pictures, and then get profits.Of course, you need pictures to post articles.If you can make your own drawings, that’s the best, if not, get some copyrighted pictures.The second.Video.Including short videos.Video is one of the most profitable projects in the we-media industry.Many short video operators even make monthly salaries of more than 100,000 yuan.However, making videos is also very hard work — because videos need to learn a lot of skills — many people even learn post-production techniques in order to make videos well.The third kind.The answer.Many we media platforms have q&A sections.Answer people can according to their own answer skills, publish their own answers, and then, according to the amount of reading, answer people can receive a certain income.The fourth.Audio.Audio is a relatively small we media income model.There are few practitioners.However, there are barriers to entry — at the very least, recording equipment must be professional and audio processing skills must be acquired before it can be released.Fifth, live broadcasting.Livestreaming is the we-media project with the largest number of practitioners.In addition, many people also take livestreaming as their part-time job — even many vegetable vendors like to open livestreaming in vegetable markets.There are two kinds of income from live streaming.One is to accept the audience reward, one is to bring goods.Of course, I personally feel that e-commerce with goods is the most promising project.It can be said that we media is very promising.However, if you want to do “we media”, it is far from enough to see these simple introductions in this article. Therefore, xiaobian suggests that readers might as well spend a little money to buy professional “We media” introductory books, and then learn according to the contents of the books.However, the book “Zero-based Play to Short Video Creative Copywriting Marketing Planning” below is actually very suitable for zero-based white people to systematically learn how to write copywriting, how to do “we media”, how to gain profits through “we media”, and finally achieve financial freedom.Accordingly, the heart is engaged in new media industry, but the friend that does not have experience, can consider to purchase this set of books.