Luoyang city will promote 9 industrial clusters to reach 330 billion yuan this year

2022-04-26 0 By

Industry alliance (association) is the government’s integration and optimization of resources, improve and upgrade the industry chain, promote the industrial development of an important start and carrier.17, los to melt reporters learned from bureau of luoyang ministry that luoyang recently introduced the “luoyang construction industry alliance (association) in 2022 work plan”, will be based on a long industrial chain and industry alliance chairman “dual system”, give full play to their role as the alliance (association) of Bridges, in September this year to promote industrial cluster scale to 330 billion yuan.”The plan” pointed out that the luoyang industries alliance (association) starting and running should follow the “articles of association, in a planned way, summary, personnel, funds, office space” of the “six” principle, give full play to the leading roles in the development of industrial agglomeration, strong focus on extending chain repair chain chain, further enhance the degree of industrial concentration and competitiveness, energized for manufacturing high quality development.According to the “plan”, Luoyang city will focus on completing 7 tasks around the construction of industrial alliance (association) this year — to promote the development of industrial clusters with industrial alliance (association).We will focus on nine key industries, including agricultural machinery, bearings and robots, and promote the size of nine industrial clusters to reach 330 billion yuan by 2022.We will implement and improve work mechanisms for industrial chain development.Focusing on 15 key manufacturing industry chains, we will build a long-term normal mechanism to promote the development of industrial chains, and promote the continuous development and expansion of all industrial chains.Promote the standardized operation of industrial alliances (associations).Give full play to the leading role of the chairman of the industrial alliance (association), hold a work promotion meeting every quarter, and promote the actual effect of the industrial alliance (association).Promote industrial alliances (associations) to empower industries.Rely on industry alliance (association), strengthen the analysis of industry chain and supply chain of each subdivided industry, and provide industry support for government decision-making.Upgrade the level of innovation and development of industrial alliances (associations).We should integrate the resource advantages of industrial alliances (associations), strengthen the deep integration of “industry-university-research-use”, and build a collaborative innovation system with enterprises as the main body, the market as the guidance and the combination of enterprises, universities and research institutes.Strengthen industrial alliance (association) exchange activities.Based on the common needs of enterprise development and combined with the activity of “Ten thousand people helping ten thousand enterprises”, we will organize no less than one activity every quarter to create a good communication atmosphere.Strengthen open and cooperative industrial chains.Give full play to the advantages of industrial alliances (associations) in information collection, docking and cooperation, carry out precise investment promotion of industrial chain, and improve the matching rate of local products and further improve the industrial chain by extending investment promotion information of projects already launched and enterprises.(Luo Bao Rong Media reporter Chen Xi correspondent Wang Yanfei)