The whole web is challenging the “green waist”?Urgent warning from experts

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“Beautiful!Shock!”On The Eve of The Lunar New Year’s Eve, the dance poem “Only This Green” was performed by the China Media Group during the Spring Festival Gala, which touched the hearts of millions of viewers.Can not imitated wuhan 4th hospital spine surgery deputy director doctor Wang Wei doctor introduction, make “green waist” action needs very strong waist abdomen strength, stage one minute under the stage thousand days of work, it is through actor accumulative training.Ordinary people without professional training are easy to cause waist injury when imitating this action: First of all, excessive backward extension and downward pressure of the waist will lead to the increase of local stress in the waist, and the posterior edge of the intervertebral disc will be extra squeezed, which may lead to the damage of local annulus fibrosus;Further increases in pressure will cause the nucleus pulposus to protrude from the ruptured annulus fibrosus.If the herniated nucleus pulposus presses on the surrounding nerves, it can cause what’s called a herniated disc.This action will also make the posterior facet joint of the vertebral body subjected to huge pressure, and lead to its damage. After the damage of the facet joint, it will lead to local low back pain and discomfort, and in the long run, it will also lead to lumbar instability and sequelae.That kid’s got a soft waist. Shouldn’t that be a problem?In this regard, liu Weijun, director of the second spinal surgery section of the hospital, also reminded that: this recognition is a great danger.For teenagers who are growing and developing, improper imitation will also lead to increased local stress in the lumbar spine, which may cause bone fracture in the lumbar isthmus, thus causing long-term lumbago, or even lumbar spondylolisthesis.How did “green waist” come into being?The green star Meng Qing jiyang is from China Eastern performing art group after a 90 after “the green only” refresh network Meng Qing jiyang very touched, also very proud “thought” green “will be so fire see huai you enjoy dancing yourself happy rehearsal of hard all gone” refresh “green waist” how to form?In the dance drama, Meng Qingyang performed the “green waist”, which makes the body form a geometric state with the right foot in front, and the left foot slowly tilts back to 90 degrees at the back of the waist. Meng Qingyang introduced the “green waist”, which is called “perilous peak”. It is difficult for the core strength to concentrate on the waist.Practice more demanding in order to align the show good she and her colleagues for four months of rehearsals at least 10 hours a day practicing in every movement, go on stage for better show that stable and accept Meng Qing jiyang and colleagues before the formal orchestration specially used for more than half a month time to practise “quiet” and read a lot of poetry to understand Chinese traditional culture,Understand the mind of the elders “if you want to show in the static drive only a quiet quiet to control” the best way is found in the most relaxed state body empty role “Meng Qing jiyang revealed that after the Spring Festival” only the green “second round of the 120 tour will begin soon hope to be able to successfully accomplished source: those news