A-share drugs are difficult to stop, rising is still extending (with new shares play new suggestions tomorrow!)

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Tomorrow new shares Ming Lida 301268 issue price: 28.50 issue PE: 90.84 main:Engaged in the design, research and development, production and sales of precision structural parts and molds, with product research and development, mold design and process design and innovation as the core, based on precision die casting, precision injection molding, profile processing and metal stamping technology, to provide high-quality customers at home and abroad with multi-type, one-stop precision structural parts products.The main application areas include photovoltaic, security, automotive and consumer electronics.Compared with the valuation of listed companies, the issuer is expected to net profit of 148 million yuan in 2021 (down 13% year-on-year), corresponding to the PE valuation of 77.03 times. Although the performance of the first quarter of 22 is expected to pick up, the valuation is still high.The company’s products are not competitive, the gross profit is declining year by year, and the customer concentration is high (80% of the revenue comes from the top five customers), and the company is heavily dependent on the overseas market (50% of the revenue comes from overseas). The probability of small profit and break is high, so conservative people are not recommended to purchase.The figure below is the picture of the article on Monday. We talked about that the phenomenon of individual stocks rising over 3000+ for 4 consecutive trading days is an extreme situation. According to the historical data experience, the conclusion is that the market shock is coming.Evolution to today, the market for three consecutive days of shock, stocks rose and fell, and even today there is a reverse situation of 3000+ stocks down.There are certain rules of the market that can be kept in mind after repeated testing.The current rise in drugs has been extended.From the monitoring of the new crown to specific drugs, and the current REBOUND of CXO drives the rise of the entire oversold pharmaceutical sector. By the end of March, medicine is one of the few positive income sectors, and the rise is the first, the rest are coal, and some oversold tourism and real estate.Can you stop the medicine?It’s kind of hard!This wave of rise of Wuxi Wuxi CXO may continue to extend, the stock price has been cut to the thigh of Hengrui elder brother is still lying on the floor without action, ophthalmic duo Aier and Op also did not rebound too much, the potential to make up for the opportunity is not small.Today, in the process of market retreat, gem has the action to fill the vacancy, the creation 50 side has filled almost, Shanghai there is still a distance, whether to fill the vacancy success may save a certain probability, but the current pattern of the market shock is solid, opportunities and risks are relatively limited, position control is still necessary.I do not have any operation in the fund this week, waiting for the right side of the military industry to appear, if the brokerage down to consider doing, March and April loose expectations may be landed.The above is today’s content, only for reference, WISH smooth investment.