Are you still racing for tickets during Spring Festival?Notice 12306 is a complete lie and useless

2022-04-27 0 By

When Spring Festival comes, the most worrying thing for Chinese people is whether they can grab the ticket home. Therefore, many people choose to buy tickets on the platform, such as speed bag, speed grab tickets and so on. In fact, these are routine and useless.In ctrip platform for customer complaint, chose the speed of light ticket, need to pay 50 yuan rob ticket fee, in effect, also in 12306 the official platform tickets will be faster, tested to be true, for every platform of rob tickets, accelerate the package, actually are of no use, no practical effect, this 12306 has issued a notice,So you’re still fighting for tickets.These platforms have launched acceleration projects, with items ranging from 20 yuan to 60 yuan, which is the difference between ordinary speed, acceleration and speed grab tickets. It sounds very impressive, but in fact they have no difference in speed, and even slower than ordinary ticket not enough to buy any acceleration.So, many people have been set by businesses, take advantage of your rush to buy tickets, want to speed up the journey of psychology, give you a psychological comfort, let you think your ticket is the fastest, by speeding up the purchase.In fact, all platforms use the real-name information you submit to purchase tickets on the official platform. The official platform does not have the function of purchasing tickets in advance or accelerating the purchase of tickets. How can you have the right to purchase tickets in advance or get tickets faster than others?Therefore, no matter what kind of ticket you choose, the result is the same. The platform will only issue tickets according to the order in which you submit the ticket information. No matter how much money you add, you cannot jump the queue, so please don’t be tricked again.If you want to get the ticket faster, you should make a plan in advance and buy the ticket in advance according to the plan, so that you can get the ticket the fastest. It is impossible to grab the ticket temporarily by speeding up.So, remind everyone not to be used by the routine of the business.