There is no escape from life’s stress, and the greatest struggle is to live well

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I recently read all of Zhang Ling’s novels, but I didn’t pay attention to her writing order because they are all independent stories.When I finished reading Full Moon, I found that it was her first novel.Perhaps the first novel has more or less the author’s shadow, not to mention this is a novel written under the author’s most tragic despair, also has a heavy sense, has been a deep sense of powerlessness.In contrast, her later novels are still very heavy, but there is hope.However, in The Full Moon, the fate of individuals tends to turn to tragedy along with the changes of various social roles. They are pushed forward by the tide and gradually sink without due resistance.”Full Moon” tells the story of a female painter, Sun Wangyue, who came to Toronto, Canada alone.The author did not specifically explain her purpose of going to Toronto, and her sister rolling curtains in Toronto could only be a more convenient opportunity for her.Although She goes to school here, paints and opens an art exhibition, her real purpose should still be to emigrate, and she must spend enough time in Toronto to meet the conditions of emigration, so she is lonely in Toronto, is a kind of idle life.Serve as the wife of a rich man, she is not for life place thunder, but she still is not wearing his life target, she and her teacher talked about the love of a nihilism, still be hurt, he and Song Shichang also are having a few ambiguous concern, but how can she be finally?It’s like just getting on with your life.So is the rich moon life, but what about everyone else?In the narrative of The moon, there are also a lot of other people’s stories, the story of her family, her mother, her father, their three sisters, their marriage, their life story, and the story of the other girls Xing Zi and Yang Yang that The moon meets in the rolling “Lychee Court”.They are running about for life more, all kinds of difficulties waiting for them.In order to survive, we have to marry people we don’t like, we have to separate ourselves from the people we love the most, and we have to sell our bodies.In such a tragicomedy of life, everywhere is bleeding, shedding tears, leaving people unable to touch the pain.Although the plot of the whole novel is not prominent, just some parents, but this is the true meaning of life, this is the essence of life, and in these parents revealed the suffering, confusion, struggle is admirable.Take a look at some of the characters and get a sense of the narrative tension of Zhang Ling’s novel.For example, when father and mother really separated, just because of a small thing, and the author’s narration impressed me deeply.Father came back from Xinjiang, and the mother put his luggage on the outside, this one does not let him into the room of the small action, became the last straw to break down a man, and eventually lead to the final separation of two people, father left Xinjiang for more than ten years did not come back, and the mother can only lonely life.Zhang Ling let this helplessness deeply impressed on my heart. My father must have his own fault, but in front of the powerful nums, little by little his edges and corners were erased, and finally he was crushed by a small matter.Although Full Moon is Zhang Ling’s first novel, it seems trivial and just describes everyday life, but I think it is zhang Ling’s best novel, worth reading.Reading # #