CCTV again focuses on Guilin here

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Hosted by xiangshan District Committee and Xiangshan District People’s Government, the Fair started at Xiangshan Park on February 3.A variety of guilin delicacies, many intangible cultural heritage display experience and artistic performances, not only attract the attention of tourists, but also CCTV 13 news channel through the live focus of Guilin.In the morning of February 3rd, the reporter came to xiangshan Park to see the activity site, whether exhibitors or visitors to the exhibition, everyone happened to wear red clothes or accessories, against the park’s decoration, the whole market into a sea of red.In the gourmet area, all kinds of Guilin specialty food exuded attractive aroma, such as osmanthus cake, horseshoe cake, oil tea, north Guangxi preserved meat, etc., the heat of the food diluted the cold of winter.At the entrance of the bazaar, visitors also roll up their sleeves to experience the fun of making glutinous rice cakes.”Homemade baba tastes better.””Said the tourist who had just put down the wooden dugout.Enter the fair and you will find the exhibition area of Intangible cultural heritage, where the lively atmosphere is no less than that of the food district.Artists of different ages have done their best to send New Year wishes to visitors and show the beauty of Guilin.The market not only has the time-honored Huang Changdian brush on-site production display, but also presents the Spring Festival couplets with the word “fu” to tourists. There are also rubbing skills experience and rubbing to welcome the Spring Festival.Several painters also picked up a pen and paper to draw the landscape scenery of Elephant Trunk Mountain in different styles.Children dressed in Hanfu also showed the group fan painting and traditional paper-cutting skills with brushes and scissors.In order to show visitors the folk culture of Guilin, there was a dragon and lion dance performance at the market.To the sound of a cheerful opera, a group of children in traditional costumes sang a colorful Guilin tune, drawing applause from the tourists.”This market can play can see a lot of things, this circle down not only tasted the food, but also experienced many years of common activities, our family is very happy to play.”Holding a hand to write Spring Festival couplets tourists happily said.