Female officeholder faces emeritus rise for 4 class research member, can retire 60 years old by the regulation?

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Let’s start with the new standards for civil service ranks and positions.After the reform, more people can obtain a higher rank without working as a leader to raise their income, which to some extent alleviates the problem of insufficient workers and insufficient workers.Rank and position are separate, the corresponding rank can enjoy the treatment, and the position is related to leadership power.At present, civil service positions from low to high are roughly divided into the following categories.Is, deputy section posts, such as county inside all kinds of director, deputy mayor;Chief and deputy ministers, such as secretary of the county Party Committee, deputy head of the county, and various directors and deputy directors of prefecture-level cities;Is, deputy office posts, such as the prefecture-level city party secretary, provincial head, deputy head;At the ministerial or vice-ministerial level, such as governors or vice-ministers of departments under The State Council;Most ordinary people only see it on TV news.Third – and fourth-grade researchers enjoy the salary of a deputy magistrate, which is similar to the salary of a deputy magistrate.Place class above female civil servants can delay retirement prior statement, even after the reform of post rank can reach more than place pair place position, is also a handful of positions so point, like a, deputy head of the county a total of a few people can sit in the above position, a county may have hundreds of thousands of people, thousands of civil servants.Relatively speaking, it is easier to get a four-level researcher, but not everyone can get it. Generally, those who have held a branch post can be promoted to a four-level researcher, while others depend on luck and opportunity.The official retirement age for male public servants is 60 and that for female public servants is 55.However, after receiving the status of deputy director, female civil servants can apply for an extension to the age of 60, which is the same as the official retirement age for men.What 4 class researcher enjoys is deputy office salary, also have the right that applies for extension to retire naturally, just once apply cannot go back on one’s word.Under special circumstances, retirement at the age of 55 is due to the limitation of the number of posts for four-level researchers, many people can only take up the post after the existing four-level researchers retire from their positions, and the pension that four-level researchers can receive after retirement is more than that of section-level retirees.Therefore, sometimes there will be a promotion one year before retirement, which is the embodiment of the leadership to take care of old comrades.Under this kind of circumstance, female four level researcher also can retire in 55 years old generally, after got higher pension treatment cannot occupy the position all the time not to put, general beforehand all talk good.The above reply hope to be useful to you, welcome to pay attention to, like @Wang Wu said money, your support is the best encouragement for the original!