Old saying: ten years, accompany him on the battlefield, accompany him to usurp the throne.But it was all an illusion

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What’s the scariest part of being a bookworm?It must be a shortage of books.Every time I encounter this kind of situation, it is really scratching my head, especially uncomfortable ah.But don’t worry if you too have a book shortage.Since fate let you meet with xiaobian together, how can not show the spirit of the full banquet to everyone.As an ancient saying goes: Stay with him for ten years, accompany him to fight wars and usurp power.But all these are false appearance first book: “the flower of rebirth I” author: Yu Bu-ran Introduction: Ancient words: ten years, to accompany him on the battlefield, to accompany him to usurp the throne.But all these are false empire prime minister only daughter, loving the king six sons of chu, accompanied by ten years, to accompany him on the battlefield, to accompany him to usurp the throne, for his painful abortion, for his betrayal of relatives.When all the plots were exposed, outside the imperial city guarded by thousands of troops and horses, countless swords pointed at the King of Chu, at this time, his true face for ten years finally revealed.After ruan Huanhuan met Li Yan ‘en in his previous life, he still kept his innocence for a long time. Until the border war, Ruan Huanhuan was pregnant, and the army conditions were simple and sparsely populated outside the border. Li Yan ‘en discussed military affairs with other generals every day without looking at her.Ruan Huanhuan at that time the body is very weak, the mother-in-law that understands production even more in the army does not have, Ruan Huanhuan is a mother at the beginning, at that time the side also leaves wind chimes and violet fei only, one by one also do not understand.Until fengling in order to fill her body, up the mountain to dig herbs for her, accidentally fell off the cliff, the cliff deep bottomless, fengling remains.Ruan Huanhuan cried and moved the fetal air. The seven-month-old baby was already formed, but ruan almost died because there was no doctor to save it.Lose fengling and children ruan Huanhuan, from that time like changed a person, become very cruel and ruthless, even in Li Yan en framed Ruan Wenjie corruption, have to hand to do false accounts.But she has not consciousness, and even feel that if Li Yan en does not ascend the throne, he failed to live up to his children and so many people around him to leave.From that time on, ruan Huanhuan in addition to Li Yan en, who do not see in the eyes, abandoned friends, abandoned relatives, standing in front of Li Yan en, and the whole world as the enemy.But she was born again.From the moment she entered the room, almost everyone gathered around, asking about Nguyen Huan-huan’s health.(Click below to read for free) The second book: Mu Ronghua by Yu Zhen Introduction: The domineering Rong Zheng died, when the year 30.He died on his way back to Beijing after being snowed in.When everything back to the beginning, she wanted to do a good man into the pit guide: uncle is not a scholar, more do not understand the article that set, for the wife of the nephew naturally also see very light.But Du Hong and their house close.The reason is that at the beginning of the year, Du Hong wrote an article to find his father to help see, his father greatly appreciated some, on the spot sent Du Hong he carved the landscape of the Duan Inkstone.Perhaps because the father has no son’s relationship, more close to Du Hong a few minutes, also went to the library to Mr. Said hello to take good care of Du Hong.Rong Zheng and cousin Rong Xiao go close, Du Hong is the cousin of Rong Xiao, plus he often comes here to look for father, each other is very familiar with.Du Hong was born handsome, and literary, elegant, once rong Zheng fell in love with him.Rong Zheng is also a pampered jingui young lady, charming, How can Du Hong not like.It had been more than half a year since they had exchanged gifts and private letters.If once upon a time rong Zheng nature also can sprout gives a few minutes spoony come, but the experience of preexistence tells her, she and Du Hong go together impossibly.The men had her in their sights, waiting for her to slip up and then discredit her.Preexistence she is so silly to be led by the nose, otherwise how could she marry to the Liao family of Nanyang.(Click below to read for free) the third book: “General female maidservant not easy to mess with” author: Maple dance Lightly introduce: what kind of woman can match the famous, outstanding war general?He doesn’t know.All he knew was that there was one woman, plain, perverse, humble, whose every gesture, motion, and smile touched his heart.Instead, she was forced to travel thousands of miles to a foreign land.So, no more hibernation!Tiexuangchao Tang, Mr Refers to the river, jiangshan color just to recapture confidante smile!She knew that he was pearl’s father. Pearl was a lovely little girl, innocent and lively. Although they only met for one night, she liked her very much.But she had not thought that Pearl’s father was a very different man.That day he and Pearl came to fetch her out of the five Cities and invited her to visit the palace, but she could see the contempt in his eyes all the time.He was so anxious that he would not speak to him.I thought that they would never be in contact with each other, but today they would meet again.And, Forget sorrow found that every time she saw him, she did not have good things.Last time he was held for a night, this time he was bound and immobilized.Now a pendant also pursued step by step, really do not know what is meant.My mother took me all the way to the capital. On the way we met many starving men and dogs. That tooth was the same as this one.”Chen xiang narrowed his eyes, secretly speculating that he could not get any results from the girl’s mouth.”Where is your mother?””Mom…”He was not old because he was injured a few days ago and his body was weak.Today, when I got up early in the morning, I first thought of losing my pendant, and then TRIED to find it all the way.In the water by the cold, and encounter such a battle, a little girl, old already stretched to the limit, but has been forbear.(Click below to read it for free.) That’s all for today’s recommendations. Did you enjoy them?Ancient words: To welcome good luck in the New Year, look at haimei Huayuan’s “Fu Mou”, let you fall in love at first sight, strong push pen ink “Hou Fu Elder daughter”, top the list, 9.8 points!