The beginning of spring, 10 kinds of flowers on the first fertilizer, this year to explode

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Anemone is a bulbous plant. It can bud in autumn and winter (with wet paper towels or perlite). After bud, it can be planted in potted plants.After the beginning of spring, anemone grows faster and has lush branches and leaves. It is suitable to be placed in the position where the light is brighter. It can be fertilized.Xiangsnowball xiangsnowball, spring and autumn can be sown, cuttings, early spring flowering, flowers were ball shape, there is light fragrance, color white, pink, red, purple… creeping growth, very pleasant.After the beginning of spring, sweet snowball need to increase the light, rainy day do not excessive rain, fertilizer to slow release fertilizer, sprinkle a Green A2 can adhere to 1-2 months, before March to spray a potassium dihydrogen phosphate can explode.Winter jasmine winter jasmine will soon bloom after the start of spring, we may confuse it with wintersweet or forsythia, in fact, it is very good to distinguish, wintersweet fragrance, winter jasmine tasteless, winter jasmine pole is green, forsythia pole woody.Winter jasmine spring does not want disorderly pruning, can gush flower many 2 or phosphate dihydrogen potassium, 1:1000 add water gush on the branch, half a month gush, can assure flowering more on time more.Yulan after the start of spring, yulan also soon to blossom, yulan is more cold, winter deciduous after 1-2 months can grow flower buds, about march to April bloom.Magnolia grows rapidly, suitable for the garden with good sunshine, can grow 1-2 meters per year, easily grow to about 10 meters is not a problem, fertilization is mainly manure, winter can bury sheep manure, pig manure, chicken manure and so on in the root half a meter position.Black orchid black orchid is also spring flowering, some earlier than chunlan, raised flower friends to be ready, can start spraying potassium dihydrogen phosphate or flower duo 2, spray 1-2 times a month, insist on spraying, until the bud appears.In addition to fertilizing, The Orchid also likes light. It is better to keep the light for 1-3 hours every day. During the day, it can be moved outside to bask in the sun, and in the evening, it can be moved indoors.Lily of the Valley grows slowly in winter and starts spring quickly, but lily of the valley is smaller, so you need to be patient.Lily of the valley root cover soil 1-3 cm, the light should not be too strong, 1-2 hours can be.After lily of the valley leaves long, can spread Austrian green fertilizer grain, Austrian green A2 or 5 can, spread about 10 grains, leaves grow to about 10 centimeters can spray phosphate dihydrogen potassium urge flower, general 1-2 times can blossom.Columbine can be planted after the start of spring, but its seeds need to be soaked in water in advance to accelerate germination, or put on wet paper towels to accelerate germination, and then put in the soil after germination, so that it will grow faster.Columbines grow fast in spring and will bloom in 2-3 months after planting. They will bloom in summer and bear seeds. After receiving the seeds, they can continue planting in fall/spring and grow every year.After the beginning of spring, jiexiang also began to blossom. It belongs to the plants that bloom first and then grow leaves. It is planted more in the Yangtze River Valley and south of China.Knot sweet open money, can gush phosphate dihydrogen potassium or spend many 2 on the branch, 10-15 days gush can, give bud need not gush, can strengthen sweet fragrance concentration.After the start of spring, the grass in the yard has not turned green yet, but some purple flowers have already grown. When you find this kind of purple flowers, you can dig up the soil with the roots and go back to potted plants.Purple flower like sunny, dry environment but soil layer is more humid environment, raise with small flower pot, soil dry again watering (4-5 days watering), can also spray potassium dihydrogen phosphate to urge flowers.The dew flower is a succulent, but it loves to flower, especially in spring and autumn, the succulent growing season, and the dew flower is the most beautiful season.After the start of spring, the dew flowers can be replaced with new nutrient soil, or add sheep manure/Green manure, etc., to supplement nutrition, more light during the day, shading at night, watering Huaduo 2 or potassium dihydrogen phosphate once a month, can bloom until summer.It’s easier to grow flowers after the start of Spring. Are you ready