The least reliable Allies are the US and the West

2022-04-28 0 By

The hottest crisis in the world these days is that Ukraine and Russia are going to war. Turn on the TV and watch the news every day.The most important thing is that the US and the Western countries only provide weapons but not people, all the people are withdrawn, even the diplomatic personnel are withdrawn, is this still an ally, is this the end of the lap of the Western US, is the Western US so afraid of Russia?If there’s a war, run away.It also fully demonstrates the hypocrisy of the so-called Western American alliance, which puts its own interests above all else.Just saying, ukrainians may have a new understanding of the West and the United States through this event.Even the Ukrainian president himself said he didn’t see Ukraine and Russia going to war.The West and the United States should provide reliable evidence.It shows that Ukraine also has doubts about the practices of the United States and other Western countries.It is obvious that the United States and other Western countries colluded with each other for what purpose, I think they did not take Ukraine seriously.Abandoning Ukraine is a no-brainer.Ukraine is also learning this lesson.They are of little value to western countries like the US.The interests of the US and other Western countries are above all else.They can’t take you seriously if you’re not valuable to them.