45 to 55 years old, still go to a job fair, isn’t it shameful?

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Romain Rolland in the life of Michelangelo said: there is only one heroism in the world, is to see the truth of life and still love life.45 to 55 years old may face unemployment, redundancy, etc., but at this time, we still have to face life, there is nothing to be ashamed of.This reminds me of the stage when my parents were laid off during the reform of state-owned enterprises. Countless parents were laid off. Some of them lost their fighting spirit and sank into depression all day long, while some of them were flying against the wind, defying the hardships of life and finding hope for life again.But no matter what job they do, they have a responsibility as a parent and a responsibility as a son and a daughter.So where should 45-55 year olds look for work?Recruitment fairs nature is the most convenient and most quick, can direct interviews with unit of choose and employ persons, detailed investigation, and we also can see, now organization unit to participate in campus recruitment requirements are very strict, all requirements must be legal unit of choose and employ persons, all need to upload the relevant documents.So the first choice should also be on-site job fairs.In addition, with the development of the Internet, online recruitment is also very convenient, you can first choose, contact, negotiate, and then interview, giving candidates a lot of choice space.Different sites also have different characteristics, and for 45-55 year olds, 58.com is relatively friendly.The main channels are job fairs and online recruitment, of course, you can also let acquaintances to introduce, after all, acquaintances still relatively understand a little, can help you pay attention to your situation.But here’s what 45-55 year olds need to rethink.What caused the current situation?Here are five questions to ask yourself: · Can your work experience develop into structured skills as you age?· Is your position and industry easily replaced by ARTIFICIAL intelligence?· What are your strengths?Is it sustainable?Can you reach the extreme in the industry?· Can new trends be combined with their own strengths?· In the case of new trends, how can I get income?In fact, again ordinary occupation, again insignificant work has its own unique secret and secret, as long as good at summing up and refining, no matter 40 years old, or 50 years old, always can find their own suitable work.