On February 7, the Yuxi Center for Disease Control and Prevention released the latest epidemic prevention and control tips

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The frequent movement of people during the Spring Festival increased the pressure of epidemic prevention and control. On February 7, the Yuxi Center for Disease Control and Prevention issued an epidemic prevention and control alert.Taken January 27 (including) has a history of guangxi baise “, since January 31 (including) has a history of shaoyang city of hunan province “and more recently since from other domestic high-risk areas and local outbreak came (back) jade, with reported cases have had contact or with the latest travel path overlapping personnel, for the first time take the initiative to report to the community, units, hotels, etc,Actively cooperate with the implementation of epidemic prevention and control measures.★ It is not necessary to go to medium-high risk areas and counties (cities and districts) where local cases have been reported, and border counties and cities with land ports in the province.★ Nearly 14 days from the field to return jade personnel, it is recommended to take the initiative to do a nucleic acid test, and do a good 14 days of self-health monitoring.The general public should continue to strengthen personal protection, and those who have not completed vaccination should go to the vaccination sites in time to receive COVID-19 vaccine.Yuxi Daily all media reporter: Li Mei editor: Chen Huiji review: Xu Fengxiang