Silkworm potato showed a killer mace, “snow shrew line” also throw in the towel, 9.8 points amazing!

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# Novel recommendation # there are many kinds of novels, this deceives xiaobian to recommend ancient words to everyone, if you like it, don’t miss it!This issue recommendation: Silkworm potatoes show a killer mace, “snow shrew line” also throw in the towel, 9.8 points amazing four!Introduction: At the end of the Sui Dynasty, the people were living in poverty, beacon smoke everywhere, the world was in chaos, heroes of all walks of life.From inside the sarcophagus climb out of the fierce, soul thousand years, huangsha hundred battles, swallow ten thousand miles such as tiger, destined to plot jiangshan into the battle map, destroy the world princes, defeated the world hao Xiong, pressure Li Tang ambition.Great thing to do: “General, King Junlin is willing to follow your general if he can protect me after I mess with the Zhangs.”In the box of the restaurant, Wang Junlin bowed to Han Ziliang and said.”Your name is King Junlin. Ben will remember.As long as you don’t kill the Chang and his son, Ben will be your responsibility.This is a general’s token. You take it.Remember, after the matter is done, come to tianshui County Cheqi Mansion to find this general, this will give you an arrangement of military status, if you do not come, it is my big sui deserter, according to my big Sui law order, it is a crime of death.”Han Ziliang took a deep look at Wang Junlin. Just now, Wang Junlin made a move and he saw in his eyes that the strength of the war was still higher than he had expected. Especially, he acted decisively, which was in line with his nature.This time he tried his best to come to the northwest because he had got the news in advance that the imperial court was going to launch an attack on Tuyuhun in the Qilian Mountains.Such as Wang Junlin such a personal soldier on the side of their own safety in the battlefield will be more than a guarantee.So Han Ziliang did not hesitate to agree to Wang Junlin’s request.Feeling awestruck, King Junlin took the token, bowed down and walked out of the restaurant.After selling the leopard skin at a low price of 50 cents and easily getting rid of the two stalkers sent by Zhang Hongmeng, Wang Junlin made some purchases in the town and left Maiji Town.The second “dancing the Universe” author: Silkworm potato Silkworm potato showed a killer mace, “snow fierce knife line” also throw in the towel, 9.8 points amazing four seats!Introduce: practice one way, it is steal Yin and Yang, seize nature, turn nirvana, hold life and death, palm reincarnation.The extreme of force, break the sky, move the universe!Wonderful content: Lin Move to seize the trunk, the body of a hard swing, volley a turn, is steady on the ground, waist pole a stand, all the bones suddenly click sound, and then Lin move is happy to find that his body, it seems a little strong on a point.”Third weight of quench!Lin moved his little hands clenched, feeling the strength between the muscles stretching, and his little face was full of surprise. Since the cultivation, due to family circumstances, he had few opportunities to take any magic medicine, but this time he did not expect that the effect was so good.”Well, not bad…”When Lin Moved to his promotion and happy, a voice is also from the side, he quickly turned his head, just to see a normal clothes Lin Xiao, is standing under a tree, that usually do not laugh face, now also emerged a smile.”Dad.”Looking at that stand beside the tree of Lin Xiao, Lin move is also a surprise of call way.Lin Xiao nodded, approached Lin Move, eyes on its body up and down of the scan, the corners of the mouth emerge with a hard to see smile, way: “quenching body third heavy, good.”The third “snow in the fierce knife line” author: beacon fire play vassal introduction: all corners of the country is a bead curtain.Big people, little people, beads, big stories little stories, strings.The word of love and righteousness is the spirit of those beads.Wonderful content: Xu Fengnian is smiling light light threat way: “eat rouge of goods, don’t be ignorant of praise, this childe since be the companion of royal highness of the son of the world to read, so feed you to eat 6 7 boxes rouge is not what difficult, perhaps give point strength again, let you eat a closed door also is possible, you weigh weigh!”Tan Hua Lang’s face is pale, but rare man once, is not willing to move, but let Xu Fengnian some look at him with new eyes.Miss Fan, with a gentle sigh, put out a smiling face and said, “Brother Lin, it doesn’t matter. I have long wanted to see the scenery of the Chao Pavilion.”Before xu fengnian took Mei with him, he quietly hooked his finger and called the second-class steward to his side, saying, “Let Xu Xiao stay quiet for three or four days.””I know, I can’t miss the event of your royal highness.”Xu Feng young voice: “I will reward you later.”The steward smiled. “Thank you, your Highness.”Xu fengnian patted him on the shoulder and led his sister Fan, who had entered the tiger’s mouth, up the bank across the lake alone. He also put the willow ring on Lin tanhua’s head at his own will, throwing a protest look at Lin Tanhua who was deeply distressed.This is the end of the recommendation, what do you think?Pay attention to small make up don’t get lost, if you like can also leave a message in the comment area!The country is in chaos and the people are in poverty. Jiang Huai Lu said: She is only three and a half years old and she really doesn’t want to be the savior!Science and technology master soul wearing waste firewood false daughter, low-key counterattack to engage in business, will lead a life of wind and water abuse love: he said the most gentle voice of the heart: “why not you die”