Su Yiming gold medal was hacked?Set 4 firsts and 1 Guinness world Record, Canadian judges deliberately low scores

2022-04-29 0 By

China’s 17-year-old Su Yiming won the silver medal in the men’s snowboard slopestyle final at the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics, scoring 88.70 points.Su yiming performed extremely well in the competition. She successfully completed the extremely difficult move of 1800 degrees in the second jump. However, due to the deliberate pressure of some judges, the score did not reach the expectation and missed the gold medal.China’s Su Yiming, 17, made a sensational start in her heats and entered today’s final in first place.In the final, he scored 78.38, 88.70 and 66.58 points, respectively, and won the silver medal with 88.70 points in the second round.The title was taken by Max Parrott of Canada, who scored 90.96.Another Canadian, Mark McMurray, took bronze.In the second, Su yiming successfully completed the ultra high difficulty of 1800, which is also the highest difficulty of the day.Throughout the second jump, Su performed flawlessly, but the scores of the judges were not as good as expected. Among them, a Canadian judge gave a very low score, which might mean that they had two contestants who were the favorites to win the gold medal.Although she failed to win the gold medal, Su’s performance was perfect enough.After su yiming, 17, won the silver medal, the winter Sports Center of the General Administration of Sport sent a congratulatory letter: su Yiming, 17, participated in her first Winter Olympics…Ranked the first in the preliminary to advance to the final, and won the silver medal with 88.70 points in the final…This is the first men’s medal in the history of Snowboarding in China, a major breakthrough in snowboarding…!In this letter, it can be seen that Su yiming has created at least five firsts: the first time to participate in the Winter Olympics at the age of 17, the first place in the preliminary competition, the first medal in snow for the Chinese delegation at this Winter Olympics, and the first medal in men’s snowboarding in the history of China.In addition to the four record firsts in his letter, there were, of course, the 1,800c acrobatics performed in the competition and the 1,980 degree recorded in the Guinness Book of World Records.Su also has the big platform next, let’s look forward to his better performance in the main event!