Want to immerse yourself in snow and ice racing over the Spring Festival holiday?Glory Magic V is full of these features

2022-04-29 0 By

It is the Spring Festival holiday, the quadrennial ice and snow event has officially begun, for ice and snow sports fans naturally do not want to miss a game.However, according to the previous and existing schedule, there are still many matches with overlapping time, and it is often impossible to watch every match in a timely manner.In particular, some popular events will be reported immediately after the end of the competition, but if you watch the replay, you will feel no suspense, so many fans have to choose between the “fish and the bear”.For Glory Magic V users, however, there is no such problem.Honor and Migu video optimized the application according to the characteristics of foldable mobile phones, and brought the “multi-line viewing” function through innovative experience.Users can not only open multiple live event Windows at the same time, but also choose to enjoy the game from different angles and different camera positions. They can not only have a general view of the whole situation, but also easily capture the details of the movements of the ice athletes. The sense of presence is directly full.In addition, the interior and exterior screen design of Glory Magic V also provides a wider view for watching ice and snow events.The Glory Magic V is a regular straight-faced flagship phone when closed, but when unfolded it is an extremely large flagship with a 7.9-inch screen and 90% screen ratio.For those who stay at home or are away from home, you can take out glory Magic V anytime and anywhere to enjoy an immersive ice and snow racing experience.Rongyao Magic V for the sense of atmosphere to watch the event, but also hold the dead.Due to the epidemic, many friends are unable to watch and discuss ice and snow events with their relatives and friends, but this problem can be solved to a certain extent with the help of the “intelligent split screen” function of Glory Magic V.Through smart split screen, Glory Magic V can open two apps at the same time, so that you can watch ice and snow games while discussing the event with friends and relatives in wechat group, perfect realization of a warm and lively “cloud party”.It is worth mentioning that the powerful video viewing function is just one of the many innovations in Glory Magic V.In addition, glory Magic V also for the user’s daily experience, based on Magic UI 6.0 system to achieve personalized full of wisdom interactive innovation.For example, when taking a plane or subway during the Spring Festival, Glory Magic V can directly pop up a small card to reduce your operation steps according to your ticket information and geographical location.During the Spring Festival, when online shopping for New Year’s goods and New Year’s gifts arrive at the express cabinet, it can also timely remind the express cabinet to pick up the express, which can be described as a thoughtful life assistant.In short, through innovative intelligent interaction functions and immersive large-screen vision, Rongyao Magic V brings a lot of new experiences that straight phones do not have, making us feel as if we were on the scene in this season of ice and snow.More importantly, with profound research and development experience and technological innovation strength, Honor has solved many pain points including creases, gaps, weight, interaction and performance of the current stage foldable mobile phone, making it a truly “one-in-place” practical foldable flagship.If you are looking forward to the above experience of Glory Magic V, you might as well go to the offline store to experience it, I believe it will definitely bring you a surprise.