Winter Olympics ignite cold resources China’s ice and snow economy is developing rapidly

2022-04-29 0 By news (news broadcast) : General Secretary Xi Jinping pointed out that ice and snow are also gold and silver mountains, and the hosting of the Beijing Winter Olympics has also promoted the development of China’s ice and snow sports industry and ice and snow economy.In recent years, thanks to the call of “300 million people to participate in the ice and snow movement”, all regions have turned ice and snow resources into ice and snow culture and ice and snow economy, making the “cold resources” hot.In the past two days, various ice and snow events have been going on in the Beijing Winter Olympic Games. Outside the venues, cultural and creative products of the Winter Olympic Games have also been highly sought after.The Spring Festival holiday just passed, from west to east, from south to north, no matter it is ski resort, or ice rink, are crowded with enthusiastic ice and snow experiencers.According to big Data, a travel platform, ticket bookings for ski resorts nationwide have increased by 86 percent year-on-year since December, while skates, ski clothes and snowboards have also become hot New Year goods.Especially during the Spring Festival this year, the turnover of ice and snow sports equipment and equipment has increased by one to three times, and the ice and snow economy is rapidly bringing fire to the winter tourism market.In early 2014, in Sochi, Russia, President Xi Jinping had a conversation with Ioc President Thomas Bach and said, “In China, ice and snow sports are not allowed through the customs.If snow and ice sports can be promoted in The pass, it is estimated that two to three million people will participate in it, thus lighting the torch of snow and ice sports in China.”On March 18, 2016, xi jinping, general secretary of the project to Beijing Olympics, winter paralympic games organising work report said that to promote the ice and snow sports popularity throughout, vigorously develop the masses of ice and snow sports, improve the sports level of the ice and snow sports, to speed up the ice and snow industry development, promote the winter mass sports development, improve the people’s physical fitness.Under the care of General Secretary Xi Jinping, China’s ice and snow industry has ushered in a golden period of rapid development.We will implement the strategy of “expanding south, expanding west and advancing East” for ice and snow sports, expand the supply of ice and snow sports products and services innovatively, and break the time and space limitations of ice and snow sports.We should tap the consumption potential of ice and snow tourism, promote the integration of ice and snow tourism with related industries, improve the public services of ice and snow tourism, and lay a solid foundation for the development of ice and snow tourism.Local governments have also stepped up the layout of ice and snow tourism projects to expand the consumption of ice and snow tourism.Altay, Xinjiang, which is rich in snow and ice resources, has invested in the construction of 10 snow resorts of different types in the past few years, and the accumulated tourism income in the past three years has exceeded 10 billion yuan.In southern cities such as Guangzhou, Shenzhen and Wuhan, modern ice and snow entertainment facilities have been built, allowing tourists to enjoy ice and snow leisure tourism in their daily lives.China’s ice and snow sports have also been upgraded from north to south, from winter to four seasons, from scale to quality, from small competitive sports to popular fashion lifestyle.Today, “Attracting 300 million people to participate in ice and snow Sports” has turned from a vision into a reality, a vivid portrayal of national progress and economic and social development.At present, there are 654 standard ice rinks and 803 ski resorts in China, up 317% and 41% compared with 2015, when China won the bid to host the Winter Olympics.During the 2020-2021 snow season, 230 million trips were made to snow and ice tourism, generating 390 billion yuan.By 2025, China’s ice and snow industry is expected to reach a scale of one trillion yuan, and the ice and snow industry is becoming a new economic growth point.