Can Tyson beat Lewis in his prime? Lewis, 55, has the answer

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Boxing fans have long lamented Tyson’s brutal eight-round knockout by Lewis in 2002.Some people believe that Tyson met lewis in his late years, even in his prime. It can be said that Liu won the fight, or it can be said that Tyson was still glorious defeat.But if Tyson in his prime met Lewis in his prime, would he really be able to KO him?Some may say yes, some may say no and some may say no.So will it?We can find out from a recent interview with Lewis!”When I first met Tyson, he was a really nice guy,” Lewis, then 55, recalled in the interview. “He took me to his room and showed me movies I’d never seen before.But when we got to the ring, everything changed.First day in the field, when the bell rang, he bumped into me, and he tried to kill me.I obviously tried muhammad Ali’s technique style and stayed away from his punches, but the first day was really stressful and the second day was still stressful and I actually got used to his style on the last day.I think young Tyson came to KO me.”Lewis continued: “Yes, we’ve known each other for a long time.Mike D ‘Amato, Tyson’s mentor, predicted that we would all become heavyweight champions.We even ran around the city together and danced together.In Tyson’s time, he is very strong, he easily KO opponents, I admit he is very good.I knew we were going to meet in professional boxing someday, and I kept asking, ‘Was Kus D ‘Amato wrong?'”D ‘Amato’s prediction came true in 2002, when Lewis KO’d Tyson in the eighth round to end the showdown.So, again, Lewis didn’t say if Tyson could KO himself.So why does the editor say lewis gave the answer indirectly?Lewis was born in 1965, Tyson was born in 1966, just one year apart.Tyson hired Lewis as a sparring partner between 1985 and 1986, when Tyson was at his peak. Although he wore a brace, Tyson also went to KO Lewis.Tyson’s style, while causing Some trouble for Lewis, was nothing more than a scramble.Lewis used the Ali method to fight Tyson, controlling the distance and throwing jabs, which worked well against Tyson.With a 6-foot-6 wingspan of 2.13 meters and a footwork and jab, it’s not impossible to control Tyson.Therefore, Tyson in his prime did not KO Lewis in real combat.Lewis was only 20 or 21 years old in 1985-1986, not his prime.But Tyson is at his peak, and obviously Tyson at his peak can’t KO Lewis at his peak, so naturally Tyson at his peak can’t KO Lewis at his peak!What do you think of the ending?Feel free to leave your comments in the comments section.(If the picture has infringement, please contact to delete!)