Jin Guo Ping: Spring to spruce up

2022-04-30 0 By

This network news (special reporter Chen Xiangchu) February 13, in badong County Jin Guo Ping township market town of a seed management department, the villagers are buying corn and rice varieties.The owner introduced that the fifth and sixth day of the New Year began to bring more people to buy seeds. Most of the villagers chose high-quality corn seeds and millet seeds, while some customers came to buy vegetables and pesticides. These two days, there was a small peak in purchasing seeds.As soon as the Spring Festival is over, farmers start to buy fertilizer, agricultural film, improved seeds and other materials, and learn the latest scientific and technological information through multiple channels.Fertilizer dealers also launched policies to benefit the people, playing the family card, friendly card, the use of various forms of seeds, pesticides, fertilizers and technology to villagers on the road at the door, so that villagers can buy the best spring seeds at home.Agricultural technology departments also took action to distribute “red envelopes” of agricultural and rural work policies issued by the central government, provinces and states to thousands of households.Duty editor: Zhao Wanjun Responsible editor: Tian Miao Proofreading: Wang Yanran