Write a poem for you every day (3235)

2022-04-30 0 By

Would you believe that a grass seed keeps on the road?It was a dandelion in the summer.Polygala.It doesn’t matter what chai Hu’s name is it’s busy going to autumn to complete its cycle.In August and September, colorful mountains and fields, a grass seed bowed its head and solemnly handed countless children to the soil. The second sister’s birthday tomorrow, WHEN I was considering what gift to give her, her simple face shook in front of me.Inexplicable, eyes suddenly welled up tears.I remembered the half bag of potatoes my second sister had given me last fall.She said, “I picked it up from someone else’s field. It’s fresh. Try it.I think of last year December 15 home to parents grave, two elder sister steamed sticky bean packets to give me in my hometown, she said, know you like to eat sticky, take some;I remember her two years ago when she planted tomato greenhouses, often planted a variety of vegetables to his brother and sister…These things, in the eyes of others may be insignificant, but to me, is the great family, is care and warmth, family is greater than god ah.A person, perhaps is a grass seed, north and south east and west, drift with the wind, longing for sunshine and rain, longing for care and comfort……Today I think of the second sister’s two or three things and moved, may be because parents are gone, can have an old sister in miss, can have a person to call the old sister, this is undoubtedly a kind of spiritual consign and happiness……I am moved by music, I am moved by poetry, and if ONE day I am no longer moved, I will “die.”You know what I mean?It’s so important to be impressed.I write about grass seeds, flowers and grasses, insects and ants, because they are closest to me and often move me.Actually, grass roots like me, they’re just as small.However, our own light, also with the sky and earth echo eagerly!I wish there were too many moves, to resist the aging that time bestows, to keep my heart hydrated.