2-0!6-2.Double kill!The uncrowned king of hockey celebrates his team’s third appearance in the Olympic finals

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Finland has become the first team to win the men’s ice hockey semifinal at the Beijing Winter Olympics, beating Slovakia 2-0.Finland had previously beaten Slovakia 6-2 in group C, with a double play.Finland is seven places higher than Slovakia in the world rankings.Slovakia, the dark horses of the Beijing Olympics, eliminated the mighty United States in a penalty shootout in the quarterfinals.The Finnish men’s ice hockey team is the uncrowned king in the history of the Winter Olympics, winning six MEDALS and two runners-up, but they have never tasted the taste of champion!Finland will have a full complement of markus Granlund, the former top scorer for the NHL’s Vancouver Canucks, Sakali Manning and Tamim Hadikanen in Beijing.After the group stage, Finland meets Slovakia again.In the first quarter, Finland seized the opportunity, with a series of backshots in front of the goal, which was finally completed by Sakari Maninen.In the second period, Slovakia gained the upper hand and besieged Finland.However, Finland defended well and never conceded a goal to maintain a 1-0 advantage.The first two sections, although only 1 goal, however, the scene is quite wonderful, the two teams each played a good ball.The final section, the younger Slovakia launched a crazy comeback, physically, they dominate!The Finnish coach was very nervous, only a goal advantage, Slovakia could equalise at any moment.Slovakia kept possession for most of the game, Finland threatened on the counter-attack and both teams had their chances, but the score remained unwritten.Finland scored in the last minute to kill the game 2-0.In the end, Finland’s men’s ice hockey team beat Slovakia 2-0 to advance to the Olympic final for the third time. The team celebrated a hard-won, hard-fought victory.In the final, Finland will compete with the winner of Russia and Sweden for the gold medal.