Busted lies, $1.9 billion to cover it up?China overtakes US in 5G technology: ex-Google CEO

2022-05-01 0 By

Since the 1G era, China’s communication technology has been at a backward level with a weak sense of participation. However, after the replacement of 2G, 3G and 4G era, China’s communication technology has also made great progress. After years of technological accumulation and unremitting efforts.After entering the 5G era, China’s communication technology finally emerges and plays the role of “bellwether”.But in the field of communications technology, the United States has always been the dominant player. Now its position has been shaken, and Huawei’S 5G technology has become the focus and new darling of the world. How can the arrogant United States stay there?Therefore, the US not only used the “security problem” to frame Huawei, but also joined hands with its EU Allies to isolate Huawei, and even took the freedom of Meng Wanzhou, Ren Zhengfei’s daughter, as a negotiating condition.The goal behind this is to stop China’s 5G development and strengthen America’s position in global communications technology.Have to admit that still exists in the influence of the United States in the eu, so under pressure, Britain, Australia and other countries are beginning to act, not only refused to use huawei 5 g devices, even had been installed and are using huawei communications equipment will all removed, the shooting itself foot behavior really make people difficult to understand,The UK and Australia will lose more than 2 billion pounds, and it will cause these countries to completely withdraw from the 5G competition. After all, it may be three to five years before the UK removes Huawei’s communications equipment, and then there will be no place in the 5G competition for the UK and Australia.Of course, eu countries are not all fools. Looking at the situation of the UK, many countries began to question the purpose of the US. Germany took the lead in proving that “there is no security risk” for Huawei.Since then, Countries such as Spain and Africa have also begun to offer offers to Huawei, recognizing its 5G technology.With its own lies about to be discovered, the US had to put up real money to continue the pretence.The tight-fisted United States has grudgingly spent $1.9 billion to get its telecom carriers to dismantle Huawei’s 5G equipment more quickly, starting in 2022.Faced with such a situation, The former President of Google Ellis couldn’t sit still. He once published an article highlighting the fact that “China has surpassed the United States in 5G technology”.He has repeatedly stressed that the US is being foolish in the 5G debate and will end up being left behind by China’s 5G technology.Once again, Not all Americans are stupid. Some people can see the reality.Although the United States has taken a series of suppression measures against Huawei and imposed four severe sanctions on Huawei in just two years, Huawei is still no.1 in the 5G field up to now. Ericsson and Nokia are still beaten by Huawei, and China’s 5G development is still leading the world.In terms of numbers, The number of 5G base stations built in China has exceeded 100 million, while the number of 5G base stations built in the US is less than 10 million. This is the gap.Obviously, the United States paid a heavy price for blocking Huawei’s 5G development, but the final result was not satisfactory.The United States has lost not only money and time, but also hearts and minds.But with the “assist” of the United States, huawei has proved its 5G capabilities to the world. What do you think of this?Welcome to leave a comment!