Jin Boyang: Zhu Yi is working very hard, I hope she can show the best of herself

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Xinhua News Agency Beijing, February 6 (By Wang Chunyan, Zhang Han and Le Wenwan)Despite zhu Yi’s poor performance in the women’s single short program at the Beijing Winter Olympics on Saturday morning, China made its first appearance in the free skating team event at the Winter Olympics.Jin Boyang, the “first brother” of men’s singles, said that he understood the great pressure zhu Yi was under, and he hoped that the girls who trained the hardest in the team could adjust and overcome the pressure in time to show their best.Jin Boyang of China competes in men’s singles free skating at the team figure skating championships in Beijing, Feb 6, 2018.Xinhua News Agency reporter LAN Hongguang: The women’s short program of the team competition was held in the morning, which also determines whether The Chinese team can enter the team free skating competition and the men’s single free skating competition list at 11:50. Therefore, Jin Boyang has been paying attention to the women’s single short program competition.”I get ready, I get in the free skate, I compete;Didn’t get in, went to the afternoon training.As a result, we entered the team competition for the first time in free skating, kind of breaking history.”Jin Boyang said.Zhu Yi of China competes in the women’s single short program of the team figure skating competition in Beijing, Capital of China, Feb. 6, 2018.Xinhua News Agency reporter Li Yibo for Zhu Yi’s mistakes in the competition, Jin Boyang quite some empathy, “in fact, her pressure is very big, the first time to participate in the Winter Olympic Games to catch up with at home, the pressure will be even greater.Like we played in a tournament before, to work off this home pressure.””Zhu Yi has been working very hard.She did really well in the previous test matches, five test matches, a lot of intensity.”Jin Boyang said.”We will all comfort her and hope that she can adjust her condition in time, perform to her training level and perform to the best of her ability in the following competitions.”Jin Boyang said.Editors: Liu Ning, Yu Sihui, Zhou Xin