Henan Weishi County Zhuqu town: cultural performances compete stage, flowers in full bloom celebration festival

2022-05-02 0 By

Gongs and drums boisterous words old, dragon dance lion Spring Festival.In recent days, in Kaifeng City Yushi County Zhuqu town, a dragon dance, lion dance, drum, dry boat and other performances held in Zhuqu town, attracted the area of the vast number of villagers watching.Near the beijie village committee, dozens of villagers are watching a splendid lion dance performance.”In recent years, the performances in the village are getting better and better. People come out to watch the performances at home during the Spring Festival, which is very like the Atmosphere of the Spring Festival,” said Aunt Wang from Bejie Village, watching the performances.Every corner of Zhuqu is full of the taste of New Year, and also filled with the joy brought by various intangible cultural heritage performances.It is understood that in recent years, Zhu Qu town vigorously promote cultural construction, enrich the spiritual and cultural life of the masses, the past Spring Festival cards, drinking, fireworks did not come out to see the performance, chess, playing ball, dugong River walk more and more, not only enhance the feelings between neighbors, but also enhance the spiritual outlook.The person in charge of the town’s cultural station said: “The next step, we will continue to improve the level of public cultural services, sow the seeds of culture, let more people participate in the cultural team, with the beat of the new era, enjoy the poverty alleviation, all-round well-off happy life.”(Yang Jianxin)