Read “chuqiao biography” just understand: no wonder chun son is stained by soldiers, see Yan shizi said what?

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Started in the clip, princess, I met on the previous yuan chun princess kind cute mischievous, but later when she took off the blue wedding dress changed latosolic red coat, in the eyes of good disappeared, became an decisive, was wondering why the same person in the same play why change so big,It was only after watching the TV series that I realized what had happened to the girl that she had such a metamorphosis.Read “Chuqiao biography” just understand: no wonder chun son was “defiled” by soldiers, see yan shizi said what?1. It is reasonable to pursue Yan Xun to rebel, he can’t survive in the court, only by standing on his own feet can he survive, not to mention taking revenge.Do you want to ask Yuan Chun love Yan Xun?Isn’t the answer obvious?Nature is love, think of a princess to him several times to give up her dignity, her searching for YanXun, for example, a weak woman walk that far, and the princess dignity has been not to be her father from YanXun side, many people said chun is a princess, and she doesn’t care about these because she thinks none YanXun important,But how does Yan Xun you treat Yuan Chun?Say childhood friend a bamboo shoot as a toy horse dozen however heaven falls, this also is individual choice, pour also it doesn’t matter problem, but yuan Chun is happening such thing is little not yan Xun give advice.2. The dream-seeker found in yuan chun YanXun, YanXun just simply looked at her, she asked YanXun why do this to her, YanXun is only a simple replacement a few words, he sent soldiers to send yuan chun back, but I didn’t think happened, the soldiers in the war, the pain of the war to yuan chun of the princess, they hate yuan chun the princess’s father,So they insult her by every means, in a dark cave inside the implementation of violence, when Chu Qiao know Yuan Song in this, ask soldiers, soldiers eyes dodge, Chu Qiao know bad things happened.When andreas come, yuan chun princess eyes inside have no light, seems to have a lot of things to see light, when soldiers dispersed in a hubbub, only a few people knelt on the ground, directed by the prince’s princess, just understand oneself be wanton defile was YanXun to her father, at the time of the wedding so it is with the rebellion, the original is such a role he has been,So she began to hate Chu Qiao and Yan Xun.3. Hate, hate the andreas, also hate the YanXun, but she wants to killing andreas alone, lying on the surface of the malicious words, actually still love YanXun, when YanXun caught someone to kill him, he picked kai yuan chun’s hats, for she said, I’m sorry, then, the princess put down everything, crying out.The joy of revenge had brought her no pleasure, and the revenge had not yet been achieved, and this sorry sentence was the bitterest of all that she had lost.She lost her love in this life, a woman lost the most precious thing, even marriage has become a front for others to rebel.