Seeking advice!Zhuhai housing rental plan new requirements

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Zhuhai housing rental plan new requirements!In the future, the city’s housing rental enterprises may handle the filing as required, and open a capital supervision account.In order to further standardize the order of the city housing rental market and strengthen the city housing rental business management, support the development of the housing rental market, zhuhai municipal housing and urban and rural construction bureau recently issued “the implementation of housing leasing enterprises for the record and the rental housing finance supervision notice (public draft)” (hereinafter referred to as the “draft”), to solicit public opinion.How does Zhuhai develop housing rental enterprise record and capital supervision work?What are the requirements?Let’s find out!Housing rental companies need to be dealt with according to the requirements for the record the paper points out that everyone in the city within the scope of administrative areas in accordance with the law, set up to carry out the housing rental business, the housing ownership or legal way of others (excluding home, hotel, etc.) provided to the tenant, collecting rent to the lessee of the enterprises and their branch offices,The scope of business shall specify housing leasing business.Housing leasing enterprises shall, within 30 days after receiving this notice, or newly registered housing leasing enterprises shall, within 30 days after receiving the business license.Where the name, address and service content of a registered housing leasing enterprise changes or its leasing business terminates, it shall, within 30 days from the date of occurrence of the alteration, go through the formalities of alteration or cancellation of record-keeping.Housing leasing Enterprises need to Open a Unique fund Supervision Account The Draft of the Opinions requires that the city’s housing leasing enterprises should open a unique housing lease fund supervision account in the city’s commercial banks, used to collect the tenant deposit and rent.Through entrusted management way of doing business and analyzes housing rental companies, single charge lessee rent more than 3 months, or a single charge lessee deposit more than a month, more than part of the money for, regulated by the bank of capital regulation, or by the housing lease enterprise to provide the corresponding bank guarantee to guarantee.Housing rental enterprises that carry out business through self-owned housing will only check the funds deposited and not impose restrictions on the use and allocation of funds for the time being, but they still need to open capital supervision accounts in banks and sign supervision agreements.Before a housing leasing enterprise signs a housing leasing contract with the lessee, it shall inform the lessee in writing of the relevant provisions on capital supervision, bank guarantee, as well as the risk of deposit and prepayment of rent, etc., and the lessee shall sign for confirmation.Under any of the following circumstances, the supervised funds may be used to return the lessee’s deposit or prepay rent, etc. : the housing leasing enterprise and the lessee reach an agreement to terminate the housing leasing contract in advance;The housing leasing enterprise or lessee claims unilateral termination of the contract according to law or the lease contract;The effective legal documents of the people’s court or the arbitration organ lead to the early termination of the lease relationship;Housing leasing enterprises stop carrying out housing leasing business;Housing rental enterprises are not operating well, unable to return the deposit and advance rent to the lessee as agreed in the lease contract.Details of the Draft — The draft is now soliciting comments from the public until February 21, 2022.The public can put forward suggestions and suggestions for modification through the following channels and methods: 1. (← Click the blue word to submit) 2. Email: 3.Disclaimer: This article is reproduced for the purpose of conveying more information.If the source is wrong or violated your legitimate rights and interests, please contact the author with proof of ownership, we will promptly correct, delete, thank you.Email address: