Send out xiao Zhan “blog world” interview special, Spring Festival pet fans relay!

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Baidu @ 100 # New Year pet fans challenge # I’m coming!Prize: Xiao Zhan May 2020 issue of Blog World + Poster Lucky Draw Conditions: Follow this author + forward this article + comment on this article (comment section) Drawing Time: February 27, 2022 10:05 PM Split prize rules: as of the drawing time, the account with the most liked comments in the comments section of this article will be awarded (tips:Those who have been following Xiao Zhan for a long time may know that the May 2020 issue of BlogWorld is the first time that Xiao Zhan reveals his inner voice to the public in the form of a written interview after the digital event.A lot of great quotes came out of this interview.The two that impressed me most: “Learn to get along with different voices” and “Show kindness in difficult situations”.A few words easy to say, but can have such a mentality is not the general pattern of people, what’s more, Xiao Zhan also use their own actions to put these two sentences into effect.I always thought that Xiao Zhan’s thought was far more mature and penetrating than that of his peers. Not to mention his peers, even those who had much more experience than him could not get out of the predicament he was in, let alone be reborn and reach a new height.On the one hand, the complete education system and good family have nurtured his mature and stable outlook on life, world outlook and values.On the other hand, without any armor alone in the entertainment industry, has been injured, through blood, but “how to walk their own way without bleeding” (Tang Three lines?After the treacherous experience of rivers and lakes, he will put on their own armor, go farther and more stable.On a lighter note, take a look at the picture of the prize: inside the plastic package above is a brand new magazine and folded poster, unopened for the draw.The poster in the background is a folded poster from the magazine I kept for my reference.I bought three copies at that time, but the products are now off the shelves, as shown in the picture below.Take a few photos of the inside pages of the magazine for your reference. Finally, take this opportunity to introduce myself briefly.Tracking and analyzing DATA of TV dramas is a hobby of mine in my spare time. The original intention of this account is to share my daily data inventory of TV dramas with more friends who love TV dramas, and also to share my views on some movies and TV dramas from time to time.I have a lot of favorite actors, most of them are older actors, but Xiao Zhan is the only new generation actor I admire most.19 years began to pay attention to Xiao Zhan, experienced that event, saw him single-handed from the bloody rain broke out, the boy has extra love, love and admiration, and was moved by Xiao Zhan’s film and television works.As I can’t help sharing my feelings and information about Xiao Zhan’s movies and TV series, many of my friends who follow me may also love and support Xiao Zhan.It is the Spring Festival pet fan feedback activity of Baidu @ 100, so I will draw the magazine at the bottom of the box as a prize, thank you for your attention to me.Also hope everyone in the year of the tiger “thought orange, apple Ann joy, persimmon luck, prosperous life, berry eyes laugh, banana money jinbao, jujube suddenly rich!”(Some of the pictures in this article are from the Internet, see logo)