“Spend yuzhou, together to the future” Ping an Life Chongqing branch to provide customers with a different experience in spring

2022-05-02 0 By

Recently, Ping an Life Chongqing branch to carry out “spend yuzhou, together to the future” customer feedback action, including “spring outing”, “family insurance policy sorting”, “send flowers” and other spring characteristics of activities, into the customer side, in the name of flowers warmly invited, for customers to provide warm heart service experience.3·15 consumer rights protection education and publicity Week, the majority of agents “go out” to send spring scenery and quality services to customers;There are also some business units to customers “please come in”, the activity will be organized into a lively fellowship activities, invited customers to arrange flowers, enjoy the fun of spring;Help customers to sort out family policies, deal with policy to-do lists, talk about policy rights and interests, popularize financial knowledge, multi-dimensional service experience makes the majority of consumers full of praise for Ping An.Up to now, Ping An Life Chongqing Branch has 13,000 agents “going out”, bringing quality services to more than 150,000 customers;At the same time, under the premise of epidemic prevention and control measures, 90 customer gatherings have been held, inviting more than 5,000 customers to participate.At present, the customer association is in continuous hot progress, but also hope that more customers can participate in, enjoy ping an quality service.The pursuit of excellence, leading service, is the belief of every Ping an people.In the future, Ping an Life Chongqing Branch will adhere to the customer-centered orientation, provide consumers with high-quality financial products and simple and convenient services, create a warm finance, serve the social livelihood with practical actions, and contribute to meet the growing needs of the people for a better life.