The average person has at least 26 unworn items in their wardrobe, according to a British survey

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According to a survey of 2,000 adults, the average person has at least 26 items in their wardrobe that they will never wear.A whopping 80 per cent of people wear the same few items of clothing every day, while only six per cent of respondents wear everything in their wardrobe at least once.Almost 60 per cent admitted they had neglected certain items because they were buried in the back of the wardrobe.Meanwhile, 20 per cent of people keep old clothes for sentimental reasons – even though they don’t actually wear them.Impulsivity is also a common problem.Thirty-one percent of 18 – to 24-year-olds bought clothes on a whim based on the latest fashion trend, only to find out later that what they bought didn’t suit them.The study also found that the average adult thinks 20 per cent of their clothes don’t even fit.A further 65 per cent admit to having clothes in their wardrobe that they have never worn, even with labels attached.Despite the fact that most people have unworn clothes in their wardrobe, respondents said they complain about running out of clothes six times a month on average.And 32 percent admitted to having a fight with their significant other or roommate over their clothes.As a result, more than 39 percent are looking forward to a wardrobe update in 2022.Nearly half are considering buying fewer items of clothing in the future and buying clothes that can be worn over and over again to reduce the stress of preparing clothes every day.Ashley Burghardt, styling director, who commissioned the research, said the findings highlighted a shift in the way consumers shop.’While many of us often feel like we have nothing to wear, there are simple ways to make our wardrobe more flexible.First, go to your closet and find your favorite, most-worn clothes, then get rid of everything you haven’t worn.You’ll immediately have a clear idea of what you might be missing and can then focus on investing in quality pieces that can go with any look.My biggest advice is to focus on a few core, staple items, such as a personality coat, a pair of well-fitting jeans, a high-quality T-shirt, and a sweatshirt from a brand you like.Just a few universal necessities that you can change daily will help you shop more intelligently in the future.”(Compiled by