Yulin Qingjian won the honor of “Shaanxi Youth Civilization of 2021”

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● Click the scarlet letter to follow us ● Recently,Shaanxi Provincial Committee of the Communist Youth League, Shaanxi Provincial Development and Reform Commission, Shaanxi Provincial Public Security Department and other departments jointly issued the decision of Shaanxi Provincial Public Security Department of Shaanxi Provincial Development and Reform Commission of the Communist Youth League on naming Shaanxi Youth Civilization number 2021 (Shaanxi League Joint Development No. 55, 2021).Yulin Fire rescue Detachment Qingjian brigade was awarded the honorary title of “shaanxi Youth Civilization in 2021”.Since the “2021 shaanxi provincial youth civilization” to create work, qingjian group attaches great importance to, the thorough deployment, will create jobs and fire prevention and fire extinguishing and party history study education, main responsibility is mainly “I does the practical work for the masses” organic combination of practice and so on various aspects work personnel increasingly crucial win ability to fire fighting and rescue work,Successfully disposed of a series of urgent, difficult, dangerous and heavy tasks, successfully completed the superior deployment of the various work objectives, to ensure the area of fire safety situation for many years of continuous stability, won the party and government organs at all levels, all walks of life and the people’s widespread praise.At the same time, the brigade to CPC party building and promote party building in party building, the organization carries out the study lei feng activities, youth civilization open week, voluntary service and a series of various forms, rich in content to create activities, fully shows the new era of firefighters, forge ahead, the spirit which strove to be the first to carry forward the youth civilization “professional, dedication, collaboration, to create excellence” of professionalism.I am in the strong country, moving forward at the right time.From 2017 and 2019 to 2021, qingjian brigade won the municipal Youth Civilization Award twice in a row to the provincial Youth Civilization Award. All the way, qingjian Brigade has carried out the original mission of fire and rescue personnel with loyalty and responsibility. With actions and dedication, qingjian Brigade has interpreted the responsibility of protecting the land properly and responsibly.The next step, Qingjian brigade will continue to guide all personnel to strengthen quality, outside the tree image, based on the post, meritorious service, strive to promote qingjian fire rescue work and team construction to a new level.