Han han stops at puberty

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The author | ming-hung hsieh edit | chun-hui li han signs this movie, hit in his own hands, if throw Liu Haocun poor road popularity.Old people, love to go back to the original.See Han Han’s “the four seas”, there is always a kind of reread “triple door” illusion: the rebellious youth, want the storm to change the dragon, the final discovery can only be made “in the pool”.Of course, there are basic caveats.Rule one, do not borrow the ID card casually, otherwise young a debt.Rule number two: drink, don’t swim, swim, don’t drink, and avoid shipping lanes.Rule number three: follow the traffic rules, no illegal racing.Rule four: Don’t tell anyone your real address.Rule five: If you don’t know how to swipe your key card, look it up online.With the literary thinking of the post-80s and post-90s generation, it is not difficult to understand what Han han wants to express: a small-town youth, who loves a simple girl from his neighborhood, has come back to the beginning of the story after reading thousands of sails.Just in a pile of nonsense lines piled up, the film completely lost the strength and necessity of expression.Deconstructed by the post-figurative social trend of thought, the indigenous people of the contemporary Internet may only be left speechless.The Four Seas proves the simple truth that literary impulse should not be mistaken for cinematic talent.What’s more, the creator himself has not been so impulsive when young.The eternal island, the youth who never grow up, the foggy photography that can cause rheumatic arthritis, and the endless variety of racing cars.Mr. Han seems stuck in a cycle, unable to get out of the confines of his boyhood.As it happens, Han and Guo’s obsession with youth leads to the same destination.The former can not walk out of the human difficulties of the town, the latter can not leave the material desire of the big city.There’s not much hard Candy can do about it, except ask them to sing “Don’t Want to Grow Up,” which is also a bit old.”Four seas” said what, the sky has no answer to grow the sign, it is quietly pack up the Annie baby on the shelf and “summer solstice”, for fear of being found to have had such a section of youth.Being too old to enjoy the literature of youth pain is probably the first headache for Han fans.What the Four Seas is about, the sky won’t tell you.When Liu Haoran and Liu Haocun walk in the seaside, suddenly feel script is Guo Jingming ghostwrite.If they looked up at the sky at a 45-degree Angle, would they see a look of disapproval?Find an electronics factory to work well, young people feel confused is mostly less experience also think more.Hero Wu Renyao (Liu Haoran), homophonic no one to.His mother died early and his father left, leaving his grandmother alone, and his motorcycle was his only friend.A Yao’s father (Shen Teng is acted the role of) return island, when first see even mistake son.If the story is patted according to the flow of the Comedy of the Spring Festival, it should be a Yao in the beloved girl Huan Song (Liu Haocun is acted the role of) with the company of his father, hard training car skills to beat opponents usher in bright life.But happiness is always short, father leave does not plan to accompany a yao long, grandma went to hometown to see snow set foot on a long journey, Huan Song brother swimming accident died, to Huan Song and A Yao leave hundreds of thousands of usury debt.Cornered Yao and Huan Song leave Nanao island, ride a motorcycle to work in guangzhou, a big city, discover life is hard however.Huan Song had trouble finding a job and had to work at a restaurant cashier.Yao will only ride motorcycles, stunts in the amusement park while working debt.Instantly, love and their professional career have become fleeting clouds, tentacles dispersed.The “Gift of the Magi” on the bed at the beginning of the film has already told the audience the scattered pain of the ending in advance.The boy worked hard to earn money to help the girl pay her debts, the girl worked hard to help the boy to redeem the motorcycle.Finally things backfire, the boy when the star double leap pearl River almost died in the sea of fire, and the girl just riding the boy’s motorcycle was the boy boss into the Pearl River killed.On New Year’s Day, O Henry felt unlucky to see so many people die, not to mention the audience who were expecting a happy New Year but were slapped down.Yao with scars to return to the island, licking the youth left marks.Where is home, but where is home?The theme is there, but the whole thing looks like a short video hodgepodge of emotions.Both small town youth depressed, and the first love obscure, and from the small town to the big city of alienation of human nature, the alienation of modern society, the fate of the tease and struggle in vain……Single out one could make a movie, “The Four Seas” tries to eat them all but turns out to be four.The subject matter is profound, but the presentation is juvenile.For example, the hero and heroine cannot swipe the room card. Is it because Nanao Island is not connected to the Internet, or to show the innocence of small town youth?Liu Haocun looking for a job was asked if he was married to have a baby, as if Han Han in order to force the political correctness of the film.But in fact, If Mrs. Han had been out looking for a job, she would have known that was not a normal question.Ever since the Continent hit the big time in 2014, Han has been making the same movie — a coming-of-age story about a boyhood trip mixed with sharp emotional monologues and sentimental moments.The three magic weapons of Korean film, youth, nostalgia and island.There’s a song called “Toji Island Song” in “The Continent.””The East Pole!The East Pole!We don’t want to go anywhere but here.”In the midst of this self-congratulatory eulogy, the banter is enough to make one laugh.No matter dongji Island in The Continent or Nanao Island in The Four Seas, the spatial construction of Han Han’s films has always been a bipolar structure of “small town island + steel city”.”The Four Seas” in yao can not blend into Guangzhou, when the boss told him to buy a room with a view of the river, he said: “We are there seascape.Young people in small towns tired of seascape find that the top enjoyment of housing in the city is “river view”.”Ride the Wave” shows the rundown of “the past can not be traced” in Tinglin town with nostalgic melancholy, including familiar racing elements, mocking the bottom system, eulogizing the young and reckless, and the sense of the fate of the characters.In “Pegasus,” Wei Xiang and the hero sing a duet of “Glory Days” while standing on a rusting staircase, the Oriental Pearl in the background is no doubt the big time playing tricks on the little guy.The small-town youth in Korean movies, with a similar sixth generation director love and mainstream world of rebellion and confusion, but the focus has quietly replaced the external Loser image – a weak life, although there is a skill but not successful.This is a more businesslike deconstruction of madness, which is itself a flattery rather than a construction of the audience’s emotional resonance.Who hasn’t a “think that year” brag at the beginning of it, watching Korean movies can be more clear – most middle-aged bragging of the young cow force, just their self-righteous cow force.When a rebellious teenager becomes a rebellious middle age, there are only two ways to go.Or like the “Four Seas” in the father of yao, just to make ends meet.Or, like Zhang Chi in “Fast Life”, gamble on life and see the scenery again.Interestingly, both roles are played by Shen Teng.As my master Chen Yinque said: “The so-called scenery, but poor skills.The road is rough, but there is no door.”Han han intentionally sanctified the town’s teenagers, so they either died physically or spiritually in the past, and are not willing to live in the present.In contrast to middle-aged men’s drunkards, Han is a bit more intelligent than them in that he embellishes his words with words that turn complaints into phrases suitable for reposting on social media.In “The Continent”, “You haven’t even seen the world, how can you have a world view”, “Through the Wind” in “are all small people, let alone what big talk”, “Pegasus” in “some people live is modelling, some live is human design, I live is ability”……In this way, “The sky will not give you the answer” in The Four Seas is not only a rhetorical degradation, but also a degradation of expression.Generation after generation of literature, like Wang Shuo’s “Beijing-style jokes” disappeared as Feng’s New Year’s films went out of fashion, the wisecrases of Han’s films cannot stay young.”What I express in my novels is also what I express in other media.”It is appropriate to label Han han’s films as “author’s films” with distinctive style.Andrew Sarris has a metaphor in his 1962 Author’s Notes: “If a director has no technical ability, no basic cinematic talent, he is automatically excluded from the temple of directing.”By this standard, Han han has touched the doorframe of the temple, and the degradation of The Four Seas has made him further and further away from the doorframe.The young people in Korean movies are always in a difficult situation, but they do not forget to leave a little warmth.In the Continent, The East Pole Island becomes a prosperous place, where Rivers and Sumi meet again.Seo Tai-lang in “Ride the Wave” finally reconciles with his son;Zhang Chi in “Fast Life” also completes the defense of professional dignity.Dilemmas are different, but they all have a hopeful ending.How did The Four Seas fail?Yao from “nothing” to “nothing”, seemingly in the theme up and down the ruthless hand, the actual expression is weak and weak.His predicament is not caused by the outside world, but by his own choice step by step, which is difficult to truly arouse the sympathy and resonance of the audience.In the face of debt, the normal situation is to call the police Wang Yanlin usury behavior, and then surrender illegal racing, the plot is not serious will not squat too long.In order to avoid illegal debt collection, Huansong can go to the big city to work, but motorcycle taxis are banned in places, and she is also responsible for the accident.Yao to be a dupe to help repayment, do not have to take the risk to fly over the Pearl River.Lin Lin total distortion of the plot plan down, “the four Seas” encounter ridicule are protagonists themselves “make” out.Only Fools Rush In is based on Elvis Presley’s Can' T Help Fall In Love.Wise man say, only fools rush in.But I can'T help falling in love.The popular saying is “Wise men never fall in love, fools fall.””Four seas” positioning lost, pure author film is too self-pitying hypocritical.It’s a comedy. It’s driven by accidental death.In movies with low melodies, there are too many jokes, and the punchlines are outdated and boring.Obviously away from home day is very depressed, the second half of the whole police and debt collectors hard bar story.As a result, the fatalistic tragedy becomes an ironic parody of a short video.It’s as if some clever blogger is telling you how to make the movie feel like Han Han.After the audience looked at the deep thought, feel that there is a Korean flavor but lack of inside information, open the comment area but found that the blogger is actually Han Han himself.Huan Song had asked Yao how the performance can be done, Yao answered: “done is equal to nothing.””The Four Seas” degradation of the expression seems to illustrate the same truth, filming is equal to nothing.Because the most wanton young Han Han, has been completed in the teenage should be completed all the expression.Every step after that, he’s just getting further and further removed from the masses.This story plays out with many directors.At first it is a life of pure expression, then it is a life of half-guessing, and finally it is a life of total conjecture.With its “universal”, rather than open the “triple door”, because the inside that just dropped out of the boy is true yao li!