Registration for hainan vocational college classified enrollment examination began on February 21

2022-05-03 0 By

Yesterday, the Provincial Department of Education issued the notice on The Work of 2022 Hainan Vocational Classified Enrollment Examination (hereinafter referred to as the Notice), specifying that the registration of 2022 Hainan Vocational Classified enrollment examination will be conducted from 8:00 on February 21 to 17:30 on February 28.Candidates should submit their ID cards, graduation certificates and other materials when registering.When filling in the classified enrollment category of higher vocational colleges, colleges and majors should be selected according to the actual situation and the application materials submitted.Only 2 similar majors from 1 college can be selected.Higher vocational single enrollment examination adopts “cultural courses + vocational skills test”, the examination time is April 23.Before May 15, the provincial examination bureau unified announcement to candidates.Admission is based on candidates’ academic course scores and vocational skills test scores, which are converted into comprehensive scores by 50% respectively.Ex-servicemen, laid-off workers, migrant workers and new professional farmers (high-quality farmers) can be exempted from the cultural course examination.In addition, the recruitment work of “3+2” continuous reading and “3+2” segmented vocational education talent pilot project in our province will be separately notified.Reporter Lin Wenxing