“Today’s weather forecast” Bijie 2022 February 19 weather forecast, sleet, no sustained wind direction, excellent air quality

2022-05-03 0 By

Bijie February 19 (Saturday) weather forecast, daytime weather phenomenon sleet, no continuous wind direction, temperature 2 degrees Celsius.Night weather phenomenon sleet, no sustained wind direction, temperature -2 degrees Celsius.Air quality is 12, relative humidity 87%.Cold index: very easy, cold weather, temperature difference, humidity, easy to catch a cold.Exercise index: not suitable, there is precipitation, you are recommended to do leisure sports indoors.Allergy index: not easy to hair, in addition to special constitution, do not need to worry about allergy.Dressing index: Cold, suggested thick down jacket and other winter clothing.Car wash index: unfavorable, snow, snow and mud water will dirty car.Uv index: weakest, weak radiation, spF8-12 sunscreen skin care products.