Go out clean and clean in the morning, come back into a small mud monkey, guangxi boy fish parents face helpless

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On March 13, binyang, Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, a boy went out on a clean bike in the morning. When he came back, to his parents’ surprise, the boy was covered in mud. He put down his bike and reported the good news to his parents with a bag of fish, making people laugh and angry.Looked at the boy caught the fish, basically are small carp abductor.In the eyes of the angler, these small fish are to be released, but the naive boy did not think so. He went down to the river and touched a bag.I do not know who is in qingtang, or where the river suddenly released water to dry.When I saw this video, I seemed to see myself as a child, going down to the ditch to touch the fish, regardless of whether there are snakes and worms in the water, down for a while to touch, touch, cool enough, only to find the dirty body, home inevitably scolded.But enjoy it, now most of the children at home to play games, watching TV, leisure time can enjoy the children’s fun in the wild time too little time.In fact, parents see their children come back like this, or they should criticize, or the children may play crazier next time.After all, there were many dangers near the water, and the child was not big enough to control his behavior sometimes.If there are adults around, so go down to play no problem, if there is no adult around, just their own a person, or to educate children not to go into the water to touch the fish, prevent trouble in the fire, after all, now this season, who do not care about this pot of small fish.The most important thing is that the drowning of students recently happened from time to time. Sometimes the children did not fall into the big river, but just played in the small puddle or ditch at the door, but they were tripped and caught by the unknown obstacles under the water, resulting in tragedy.If the parents do not take this warning, it will cause a tragedy for the whole family.Although the child is really happy, but think about the reality, really let a person praise can not come out, can only criticize.I am a fisherman on the boulder, take you to see the fun fishing circle, discuss fishing skills all the spectators spare time to add a concern, thank you, also count to my post support